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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well DUH!!!

I have been such a scatterbrain's just cause I have been so concerned over this hugh project that I am in charge over at work and the Cadet's dilemma and our house / contractor issues. It has really drained me, to the point that one of the managers at work dragged me into his office for a *chat*. He wanted to know if everything was ok as I seemed down and he told me that I was *wearing* what was bothering me. He suggested that I take advantage of the counseling service my company offers but if I chose not to do that, he was offering an ear whenever I needed to talk. I thought that it was sweet of him to be concerned but it scared me too cause I thought I was holding things together a bit better than I obviously am. Mr. Manager said that I am internalizing things but it is very apparent that something is wearing me down. So far, my troubles haven't affected my work and I hope that it doesn't get to that level, otherwise, I will have to find a way to deal with my personal life and not let it affect my job performance.

So with that being said, I have apologies to 2 dear stitchers, Paula and Ulla.

I am remiss on thanking Paula (A Celtic Stitcher) for her beautiful pillow and goodies that she sent me for the SBEBB Valentine's exchange. I hope she doesn't think I am ungrateful or that I don't like what she stitched for me cause that's certainly not true at all!!! Red is my favorite color and I have collected heart themed items over the year. The pillow is prominently displayed as an accent on my bed and each time that I see it I smile. Yes, right now, smiles are GOOD! Isn't the pillow beautiful!!!! I know you spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into my gift. I really love it. Thanks so much, Paula, it did make my day to receive it, as I need some cheering up right now. And all the goodies, Paula included in her package to me. She sent me this fabulous piece of heart fabric, it's so graphic. And she sent me a few skiens of varigated DMC that will be put to good use.

And Ulla (Mission Impossible) I am sorry that your birthday gift was missing 2 items. I forgot to include the fabric for Moonlit Garden and I did stitch something small for you but I didn't get it assembled in time to mail to you. Please watch for another package from me to round out your birthday exchange.

Also, I read a lot of blogs daily but I haven't left comments on them recently. Please know that I visit you and that what you post makes me feel so connected to you.

Last night I stitched a little on John Foster but my heart wasn't really in it. I am hoping that tonight I will feel like stitching. John is 80% complete now. Over the last year, I have kept track of what I've been stitching and I realized that I started John on March 3, 2006. I would love to finish him before our first stitching anniversary. Really, though, I started him and then stuffed him away when I had so much trouble with the top of the sampler. He almost was a UFO but seeing Danielle's (The Peacock's Feather) finished sampler, I had to get back to him. So, I really haven't stitched on him for the full year. He really became my focus piece in the Autumn. Sue (Red's Thread) saw him at CATS in Hershey in September, he was almost 1/3 complete at that time, so I have made good progress in the last 5 months or so.
I don't think he'll be finished this weekend like I'd hoped because I have work to do (finish that project plan) and we are going to friends for dinner tomorrow night, for pizza.

So, thanks for visiting and I hope all of you have a great weekend!


Carol said...

You OK? You sound so stressed {{{hugs}}} That pillow from Paula is so beautiful! I think you will enjoy that floss - I am totally hooked on those new DMC Color Variations. I think they are made of Egyptian Cotton. Relax and take care of yourself :-) Are you coming to Celebrations in April? Registration is opening soon :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry there are some things in your life that have you down. Hopefully things will turn around.

The pillow Paula sent is just lovely.

Paula said...

Sorry to hear you are so stressed. I hope things improve soon.
I'm glad you liked the pillow. I loved stitching it for you.

Wendy said...

Wow, it sounds like your manager is pretty nice to realize you may be having a little too much stress. I hope you find something that will work for you to unload some of it.

Your exchange gifts look fantastic!

Tessa said...

I hope by the time you read this Joanie, things are looking a bit brighter.
Love the little pillow - I love red too - the variations in the thread that Paula used are stunning.

Karoline said...

{{{Joanie}}} I hope things ease up for you soon. Your Valentines pillow is lovely

Ulla said...

I hope things are better now! I was just wondering about second part of my birthday present... Have you mailed it yet?