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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Got Photos?!!!

Hello! I've not fallen off the blogger! Here I am with a new post and some updates. The week was a busy one at work, I am in charge of a big project and it's consuming me. I come home exhausted and all I do is fall on the sofa and veg for an hour or so and go to sleep. Stitching that requires any concentration is just not happening.
But...I do have some photos to share (click on them to enlarge the photos).

The first one is from Blackbird Designs, A Fine Collection. It's called March Hare. It's been so cold here, that I want Spring to come, like NOW. John Foster and I are taking a much needed break from each other and I wanted something quick to stitch. And something Spring-y. So I went stash diving. When I surfaced, March Hare was in my hands. I wanted it to be teensy-tiny cause I have the cutest shabby chic photo frame to put this in so I dragged out the 40 count fabric...eek, TOO SMALL for the almost 50 year old eyes....sigh. What to do? Well, I decided to stitch it over one on 32 count Lambswool lugana. Below is a picture of my progress from yesterday, along with a photo from the book of what it will look like after it's all stitched. It'll be about 3"x 4.5" in size over one. I am not using the recommended fibers except for the Gentle Art Sampler thread I already have in my stash. I don't have any of the Olde Willow Stitchery fibers so I substituted Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works fiber that I had on hand. It was fun to substitute some of the colors and now I will have a piece unique only to me. Gosh, I feel so thrifty!!!

Next is the beloved John Foster. I did stitch a bit on him earlier this week. The goals were to finish the fir trees and the vines on either side of the trees. I stitched as much as I could on him but I had to stop. John and I are approaching the end of our torrid, mad, love-hate relationship and I think I want to drag our relationship out a little longer (at least subconsciously) because at this stage of the game I have closure issues with my work, so I put him up after a bit of stitching earlier this week. I checked my journal and I began him on March 3rd 2006 and the goal was to finish him before our first anniversary.

I've been reading blogs this weekend and Danielle (A Peacock's Feather) posted about Redwork and lovely french samplers. I love redwork but I don't have any stitched! Do I see a sampler done in red in my future? Maybe?

Last up are some snow pictures of the horses (clicking on them will enlarge them). These photos were taken right after our Valentine's Day blizzard.

Below is a very un-flattering picture of Mighty Joe and his big back side...yes, he is a little porky right now...but it's all the hay we've been pumping into them so they are warm during this deep freeze we've been experiencing over the last few weeks.

Next is our diva, Peaches, who is so unhappy to be dirty. She is a dappled grey psuedo-Appaloosa. (Did you know as grey horses age, they turn white?) Actually, she is an Appended Appaloosa , she is registered Appaloosa but because she doesn't exhibit any Appaloosa characteristics she has a special registration because her Momma was an Appaloosa. Really, she is a quarter horse in Appaloosa clothing. Peaches is a sweet as honey but a Spook. I swear she believes EVERYTHING is going to eat her.

Lastly another photo of the Joe-Man, pawing at his hay. He was so happy to be outdoors after being kept barn bound for a week that he jumped around carrying on like he was a rodeo horse. In this photo, he was getting ready to roll in the snow.

So that's the news from Upstate NY...Hope you all are having a great weekend and are cozying up to your needle and fabric... I may just have to pull out John Foster and finish him up this afternoon after we get home from church as I don't know how much stitching time I'll have this week.


Carol said...

Great horse photos Joanie!!!

Red said...

Love the pictures...the horses look very fuzzy!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

March Hare looks like a perfect project to encourage springs arrival. Enjoy your John Foster finish. Love the horses in the snow.