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Sunday, March 25, 2007

H-E-LL-O-O-O...Has anyone seen where the week went???

This has been the lost week. I don't know where it went and I know that I have nothing to show for it, other than wishing that it was OVER. Why????

At work, my partner and I rolled out some general Quality Systems training to the managers. ALL the managers, from the VP's down to the line guys. Twice a day, we held sessions at 6:30 AM and at 3:00 PM. So, I was up by 4:45 and not home until after 5:00 all week.

Suffice it to say that I was scared to death because A) I have never given a presentation before B) My partner put it together and although I am familiar with the concepts, I was unfamiliar with how exactly to deliver it. C) The managers. I work with all of them but to stand up in front of them for an hour really sent me into a tizzy. The first time I did the presentation, I BOMBED. It was terrible, so terrible, that my manager felt he had to give me a 20 minute coaching. He told me to go home and give the presentation to the DH. Well, the DH had no interest in listening to me drone on about Quality Systems, so I decided to give the presentation to the cat and the dog. Sweetie-girl promptly left the room and Chrissy was very patient, she really listens well but she doesn't give constructive criticism. Anyway, the presentations went better later on in the week, and I even got a complement from Mr. Manager. He told me I did a great job on Thursday. Woo!

As a result of the week, getting up with the chickens and worrying so much, I didn't pick up a needle at all. So there are no progress pictures this week. I did do a lot of stash fondling which made me happy and want to start just about everything that I put my hands on. I have GREAT stash!!!

But, the accomplishment for the week was that I didn't die during the presentations and I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out of my comfort zone.

Too cool.


Vonna said...

Well good for you! I'm glad the presentations went so well after your initial one! Isn't it a nice feeling when someone says, "good job"?!
Hurray for you Joanie :)

Karoline said...

Good for you Joanie, Glad that you got some recognition for your hard work

Von said...

Way to go, Joanie!! Woot!

Wendy said...

And you survived! How wonderful that you gave that presentation and got through it all. I would have been freaking! You must have felt over the moon when it was over. You definitely need to celebrate with a little stitching.

Chelle said...

Good for you, Joanie! Public speaking can be tough.