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Friday, March 09, 2007

New Look

Well, even though it's still very cold outside and I haven't felt warm in weeks, I decided that my blog needed a change so I re-did my template. I am not thrilled with it but it'll do for now. I wish I understood HTML a little better to make my blog look really good. Eh... Anyway, I was out trolling again and I came across some studio pictures that I absolutely wish were my space. To have such a creative workspace...oh heaven. My room is cluttered and it lacks style. I hope that once the new window goes in it, I'll be a little more inclined to paint it a nice color and add some interesting accessories. Maybe then, I would use it as a creative space instead of my storage / catch-all space for the many crafts that I have dabbled in over the course of the last 25 years give or take 24 years. Art and creativity have always been a part of me and I am so surprised that for all these years, I have squelched that creativity because it wasn't *normal*. If a room wasn't boring beige or off white then it was out of the box and weird.

So take a look at these photos. They are from a blog called Hello, My Name is Heather.

Wouldn't you love a space to work in like that?

I am jealous!


Karoline said...

I saw these on Vero's blog isn't it a lovely space. I'm currently dreaming about a new sewing room as we're having a new roof fitted and some new windows installed in the attic (my study) The amount of light up there now is quite something the down side is that the room is currently covered in a thick layer of black dust :(

Vonna said...

It is lovely...but obviously she doesn't have children.
I need to take a picture of my house and say, "Hello my name is Vonna." - "Umm...I have 4 kids."
They don't stay little forever and I remind myself that a lot. The little buggers are blessings even if my floss gets drug all over the place and I lose about a pack of needles per's all good :)

Von said...

I just saw this studio too and I must say it's one of my all-time favorites, right up there with Alicia's studio - which I've made my desktop background. :) My goal is to one day have my "studio" drenched in style too.

Von said...

I just found this studio too and it's one of my new favorites! Right up there with Alicia's (Posy Gets Cozy) which is my desktop background. :)

One day I hope my "studio" is drenched in style like these!

whitecalla said...

Oh yes!! Indeed a must have, if only....I could have that extra room.