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Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Saturday and picture time!

It seems like the only time that I post pictures is on the weekend. Maybe it's because of our lack of sun and the length of the days. Anyway, here's the Saturday update:

First of all, I was awarded a *You Make My Day* award from Jeanne of Just String!

I was so surprised and touched because I think this blog is BORING compared to other blogs that I read. She said that she reads my blog and I make her day because I stitch some beautiful reproduction samplers and is another upstate NY stitcher. Thank you so much, Jeanne, you MAKE MY DAY too! You should pop over to her blog, Jeanne stitches exquiste designs and her work is not only beautiful but technically difficult!

Now on to the pictures.

First of all, I've photographed some stash, (sorry for the flash). David just shook his head at me cause he doesn't understand why I would post my stash on this blog. Anyway, I went a bit, umm-mmm, crazy ordering Blackbird Designs last week and they showed up in my mail box everyday this week. (David once again just shook his head at me and wondered out loud how I planned on stitching all this stuff before I die....I told him to shush.) Seems like I should be in Blackbird heaven for quite awhile!

I have been dying to start either American Star or Where My Heart Blooms. But I am doing my best to stay strong and work on my Wips instead of starting yet another new piece. But my resolve is crumbling....

Next is a shot of my progress as of last night on Sarah Tatum. I think that the last time I posted a picture, the large rose motif was partially done, and I started the calla lilly motif next to it. I am happy to report that I have finished not only the rose motif but the motif that's to the right of the large green one on the top row, as well as a robin's egg blue 1/2 floral motif under the partially stitched calla lilly motif. And I started the swan motif but only the outline as I want to get to stitch another 1/2 urn to the right of it. I like stitching 1/2 motifs, I don't know why, maybe cause it's 1/2 the work?? Sarah is the only piece I've stitched on during the last couple of weeks, no, I haven't picked up my Stitcher's Wallet or Time and Seasons as Sarah's held my interest. Although, for the past few nights, the frogs visited the motif to the right of the green one on the top row. I think I re-stitched the same portion of it at least 3 times because the silk is the same color as the linen and I kept losing my place because of it and miscounted the same 3 stitches over and over again.

And I have an exchange picture for you. This is my Frosty Friends exchange piece from Dawn, aka Flossgal. She stitched me a very cute snowman and finished it as a pinkeep. She also included all the goodies surrounding the pinkeep. Thanks so much, Dawn, I love the snowman and everything else you included in my exchange. I certainly was spoiled!

I apologize for the late posting of it too...

And last but certainly not least, I wanted to share with you a lovely needlebook that my dear friend, Alexa, sent me. Alexa is from France and she stumbled onto my blog a few months ago. She asked me for my John Foster (ah, my darling, John!) pattern and I sent it to her. We've struck up a friendship and have been corresponding. She sent me this beautiful piece a few weeks ago as a surprise. And was I ever surprised! I was deeply touched that she would think of me and spend her time to stitch something so pretty for me. Thanks, sweet Alexa, not only for your exquisite work but for your friendship too!

So gang, that's the update for this weekend. I think that I'll continue to work on Sarah this weekend but probably not until tomorrow because David and I are going out to dinner tonight as a late Valentine's date. Both of us had prior commitments on Thursday so we postponed going out. We don't go all out for Valentine's Day, he gave me roses and a card and he got a card and a kiss from me. He's my Valentine everyday. Ok, enough of the mush...LOL!!

Once again, thanks for dropping by. I hope that everyone is warm and that you all have a great weekend. Until next time....


Sue said...

Hi Joanie! You certainly hit the Motherload of Blackbirds! Sarat Tatum looks awesome too!

Alexounette78 said...

More I read you and more I can see same things, same tastes. I'm very touched about your photo about my little present stitched with all my friendship. As you I love Blackbird design. If you crumble and begin a new thing, tell me, and if the project tempted me we could stitch it together. Have a marvellous sunday.

Karoline said...

Nice stash Joanie :) Sarah is looking gorgeous, great progress

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie, what an amazing collection of Blackbirds. You have a few there that are on my long to purchase.
I know what you mean about having more stitching than life expectancy.
Your Sarah is looking lovely.
I hope you and David had a lovely evening out the other evening.
Hopefully everything in my life can now settle down and I will be able to get on with my stitching.
I hope you weather is being kinder to you all over the last few days. We still have rain, rain, rain, and more rain along with cool days. I don't know where Summer went to this year.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Great stitching on Sarah. The needlebook is beautiful. I love Blackbird designs, too. Looks like you'll be busy for quite some time with all of them. Enjoy....Nancy

Casa Pearl said...

Girl - I miss you!

I tagged you for 7 random things so please share! Please check my blog for the details and I hope you don't mind.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Nice stash Joanie, Sarah is looking wonderful.