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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry about the lack of posts. It's February, remember?

The weather in NY is truely brutish. Cold, raw, windy and it's going to get worse. Windchill in the negatives, wind gusts sustained between 40-50mph. Perfect.

Today, I spent 2 hours out in the barn with the horses. It was pretty nice there, not too cold. I had some housekeeping chores to do and the farrier was coming for trims. The horses got a pedicure today. Our farrier is very nice and handles the animals gently. My Joey likes to talk to Bruce. He nuzzles him and makes very quiet nicker noises while Bruce is tending to his hooves. And when Bruce is done with trimming him up, Joe will lay his big head on Bruce's shoulder. And Bruce will scratch his head and tell him he was a good boy.

Once I *talked* to my horses via an animal communicator. I was really surprised at what this communicator told me, she described my animals in detail (she never met my horses) and proceeded to tell me that Joey is quite the comedian. He likes to tell jokes, especially to the farrier. So that's what I think he does when he *talks* to Bruce. My diva, Peaches, knows she's beautiful and told the communicator that she wanted everyone to know that she was very pretty.

Once Bruce was finished, I picked everyone's stalls one last time and fed them their dinner, swept up the clippings and headed up to the house. Walking the 200 feet to the house was such a treat, blowing snow and wind in my face.

I worked on Sarah Tatum most of the day. David and I stayed home from church today, neither one of us wanted to go out in the cold so we listened to a CD on the book of Romans as our Sunday sermon. So, I had a full day of stitching and I think that's just what I needed. On Sarah, I am almost finished with a very large motif with a flower that reminds me of a calla lily. I have only one more motif on the upper right and the top of the sampler will be finished. I will start the large swan motif next just so I can start the 1/2 basket motif on the right side. Once I get those 2 motifs done, I will have stitched 2 complete rows. I don't think I'll get that done tonight! I wish I could though, it would be so much fun to stitch until my eyes cross.

I jumped over to ABC Stitch Therapy to look at the Nashville market releases. Fortunately, the only piece that grabbed my attention was Just Nan's biscourne, When Barnabee Met Bella. That's surprising as Just Nan is not my cuppa tea. I am glad there wasn't a lot of things that wanted, I sorta, kinda went nuts buying up some Blackbird Designs on Ebay. And I stupidly ordered AND bid on 2 listings for the same design. Guess what! I won both auctions and I have the pattern on order. So, I have 3 American Star designs coming my way so I will sell 2 of them.

Anyone want one? I'll sell them to you for the price I won them...$8.00, postage on me. Leave me a comment and I'll be in touch.

Well, I want to get back to Sarah and see what progress I can make before I have to say good-bye to the weekend. Boy, where does the weekend go? Last I looked, it was Friday night! How did it get to be Sunday already?

Have a great week everyone, thanks so much for visiting!!!
I am so glad that you've stopped by to *chat*.


Alexounette78 said...

Sorry I already have this nice model. I'm going to send you pictures promises.

Vonna said...

Isn't that cool about the animal communicator and your animals? Weird....

Sounds like a very nice Sunday...mine was spent freezing my you know what off at a Girl Scout Cookie booth....

I like the Barnabee met Bella biscornu too...did you see the price of the silk/embellisment pack though? YIKES!

tkdchick said...

This winter has been awful hasn't it? I'm dying to go somewhere warmer!