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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

Last night during a wicked bout of insomnia...I figured out that it's caffeine that keeps Mr. Sandman at bay, I started this post. While I was out looking for a suitable Steeler logo to put on my blog, I got caught in one of those endless loops to download a spy-ware program. Nothing I did would close out the window for the download so I just closed down the computer. But in the process, I lost my post. So this is TAKE 2.

I want to thank Siohban (Notes From Blue Hen Hollow) for bestowing this Fab-U-LOUS bloggie award on me.

I am touched and well, quite pleased. Thanks Siohban.!

If you haven't checked out Notes From Blue Hen Hollow, you must leave my site now and go visit Siohban. You will be rocked by HER world! So, GO! SHOO!! Come back here later!!!

Oh, and I have to list 5 of my addictions...geez...there's so many but I'll give it a whirl:

  1. Stitching &'s like bread and water to me. Can't have enough stash. And it's a day without sunshine if I don't stitch!
  2., love, love them!
  3. Chocolate...a new obsession. It's healing powers are a salve to my soul.
  4. The silly internet and all your fabulous blogs! I spend WAY too much time reading your adventures and stopping by on the forums.
  5. French Vanilla coffee...I start my day with a 20 oz tankard of Green Mountain French Vanilla. Ah, the nectar of the gods.

I'm supposed to tag 5 here goes. If you've been tagged already that's ok.

  1. Liv N Laf
  2. Maude and Mozart
  3. Sampler Lover's Blog
  4. Wandering This World
  5. Stitching In Lobster Land

I hope you will play. But if you don't that's ok too.

Next is my progress picture of Bea that I promised oh, about a week ago. I LOVE this sampler and I am already planning on stitching her companion. I believe I am about 1/2 way done with Bea. I can't put her down.

I have to say though, I am THE WORLD'S SLOWEST STITCHER. That token of love motif? It took me 3 hours to stitch the inside of that blasted motif. I shook my head and was amazed at my progress after 3 whole hours. Geez. Anyway, the motif I absolutely dislike stitching is the passion flower motif that's at the upper right of the Token of Love one. I am stitching it a bit at a time cause it's all I can do not to cry at the sheer size of it and the amount of time it's taking to see any progress on it. Remember, I am a S-L-O-W stitcher even though I am stitching with only one thread in my needle and I don't have to obsessively railroad my stitches. Yes, I have OCD about railroading. It's why I am boycotting any fabric with a stitch count higher than 36. And that means I've only been stitching on 36 count recently. But I have to use a magnifier. I. AM. OLD.

I made it to my Weight Watcher meeting and unfortunately, the scale was not tipped in my favor. I gained a pound. Oh, you might say, big deal, it's only a pound. But you see, this pound leaves and comes back. And it's brought 9 of it's closest friends who've taken up residence on my caboose and kanga-pouch stomach. They've stayed. The one pound comes and goes. I am going to evict them all and the other 25 too that have decided that they are safe. The mantra at the meeting this week was...THIS IS MY YEAR!! And it will be!

I got on the treadmill yesterday and I have a date with it today. I am setting a weekly goal of one pound. And I am journaling...and I hate it but it's accountability. No sneaking a taste of cheese danish or a handful of crackers without writing it down. It's an eye opener when what you've mindlessly put into your mouth is documented on paper. I've done very well on the program when I've journaled so I think that's the key to my success.

Lastly, I want to say...GO STEELERS!!!! It's going to be Sixburgh tomorrow night!

Thanks for coming by and visiting Joanie's World. Leave a comment to say hi!


Barb said...

No...I am the world's slowest stitcher and I think that is because I am obsessive about railroad the threads. It's worse when you use a magnifier because you can see every little flaw :(

Good luck with the weight loss. I talked myself out of going to the gym this morning because "I had a headache." I seem to have lots of headaches lately :)

Sue said...

Ohhhh (swoon)...You really like me!
(In my finest Miss Piggy imitation)
Thanks Joanie! Go Stillers!

Brigitte said...

Joanie, I don't stitch faster than you, I'm also a slow stitcher. But who cares, lol.

Your BP sampler looks great. I disliked the passion flower motif as well, particularly because of the surrounding leaf circle. I think I've never counted my stitches so often as with this motif.

Karoline said...

Beatrix is looking lovely, great progress

Lee said...

Hang in there, Joanie! I'm sure you've heard this before, but there could be several reasons for one pound.

I missed my meeting last week, I was on a college visit with Colleen. And the Super Bowl parties tonight?? Give me strength...

I love your BP!

Laura said...

Hi Joanie! Thanks for tagging me!!!! I am going to work on a post today.

I hope your team wins today! It must be so exciting!!! Are you watching pre-game shows and cross-stitching? That is what I would do if I were you!!!!

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Bea is coming along nicely. Jenna looks stunning in the wedding dresses.

Giovanna said...

Lovely work on the BP sampler, what a charming piece!

Kit said...

Congrats on your Steeler's win, your Beatrix Potter is looking wonderful!