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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some stitching! Can you believe it?

I wanted to share some of my stitching progress during the holidays. I stitched fairly regularly from Thanksgiving on. I have to admit though, I didn't stitch according to my plan, I got stitcher's startitus and just went to town.

The first picture is a Prairie Schooler santa from Book 151, Santas & Snowmen, stitched with DMC on 32ct Lambswool linen. Sorry for the wonky photo, I was trying to get creative and it didn't work out so I cropped the picture. Who cares anyway about creative shots, the stitching is what's important, right?

Next is True Virtue. It's from an old JCS magazine. I worked on the alphabet. Sorry for the color, it's a bit washed out and not true. Damn camera.

Connie and I are SALing but we've both got off to a slow start because of the holiday. I got a little bored with the alphabet (there are 3 of them) and I really have to concentrate when stitching the rice stitches in the border in order to get the sequence right. I am working on it tonight. Stitching with good ol' DMC again.

Here's my progress on Beatrix. The SAL officially began on January 1st but I had a head start cause I started stitching right after the pattern was released. Over the course of November and December, I stitched the lower 2 motifs on the left side and the bird motif. On January 1st, I stitched the upper right motif and the beginning of a hugh floral motif. I am enjoying the sampler and I think with the added support of the SAL, I just might finish it before 2010. That's the plan anyway.

Here is a very pretty French freebie made into a pinkeep. I found it on 123 citrouille while perusing French blogs (can't read a word of French but like to look at the pictures). Here is the PDF. When I saw it, I thought I MUST stitch this cause I love redwork. And Christmas. It was a no brainer for me. I dropped Bea on her head and ignored True Virtue for an evening even though TV was whining to be worked on.

So here is my progress for one evening. I am stitching it with AVAS 4624 on what else, 32ct Lambswool.

And during my Christmas break, I did purchase patterns. I especially liked Sampler Girl's, Its a Wonderful Life. I had intentions of making it up as a Christmas gift but I umm, ran out of time. Silly me. I have a hard time figuring out how long something will take to work up and then put together.
Here's my progress:

Once again, in DMC but on an unknown piece of linen. You can see the little freebie ornament too from Sampler Girl. That was a very quick stitch and it's going to go to the Cadet and Jenna for their tree next year. Also in DMC.
So there you go, show and tell! Thanks for coming by!


Cathy B said...

Wow, you've been busy! Lots of great projects here! Happy new Year!

Miss 376 said...

You have some lovely projects going on here. Looking forward to keeping up with the progress on the SALS, they are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Everything looks lovely Joanie, you've been really productive!

Laura said...

You really have been stitching away. All your projects looks fabulous! I love French redwork freebies too.

staci said...

All of your stitching looks lovely! Your 2009 is off to a great stitchy start!

Karoline said...

Great stitching Joanie, you have been busy

Laura said...

love, love, love looking at all of these works in progress!!!!!! I will have to download that French freebie; that is just gorgeous!!!

I love the Beatrix Potter work. I wonder if it has lots of different stitches other than x-stitch? I am intimidated by those other stitches.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, you must have had a smoking needle stitching on so many projects. They all look great.

I also stitch the BP sampler. I love your thread choice. The French ornament looks really great. And so does the PS Santa. Plain old DMC is also what I like best because I can just pull the colours and start stitching without ordering this and that before.

Jeanne said...

Great progress all around Joanie! I'm with you on focusing on what we *have* in 2009 and not what we don't have. I'll be happy if I can stay healthy and employed. I do think optimism is going to be key in our economic recovery. I started 3 new projects this past weekend - my 2008 year of UFO focus is past!

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie,
You certainly have been busy. Beatrix is looking really lovely. I love the colour that you chose. I think I have told you that before.
True Virtue is also coming along nicely. I am so glad that you decided to go back to it.
Your French freebie is lovely. I think I have it. I love exploring French sites. I worked out if you type the name of the blog into google, it will come up with translate this beside it. I click onto this and really enjoy reading what our French friends have to say. I also like it when they post photos of their countryside and then I start drooling LOL. Makes me want to go and pack my suitcase. Don't know what my DH would say about it though LOL.
Anway, have a Happy New Year. Till next time = Sandra.