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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a waste of a day

You know when you are at work and you dream of a day where there is NOTHING going on and you can spend the entire day stitching? Well, today was one of those days for me. We got up this morning and it was snowing. The driveway is completely drifted over. Our driveway is 150 feet long. Plus, the barn water pump is frozen and my darling DH (who has taken care of the horses by himself since we are in this death grip of cold) has to carry 15 gallons of water from the house to the barn. So being that the weather was pretty ugly, we decided not to make the 35 minute drive to church...yes, we followed our former pastor to his new church, and just hunker down in our igloo of a house. So guess what? I had a day of stitching that I only dream about.

EXCEPT....THE FROGS dropped by.

I wanted to work on the piece I told you about, I Will Stitch You in my Heart. I stitched about 1/2 the border last night. Today I thought I'd work on the words. I am using DMC, it's old, on bobbins. Well, it had a mind of it's own...kinking, snarling, tangling, knotting... I made absolutely no progress. Then I realized I made a mistake counting and all the words that I stitched must be ripped out. I wanted to cry. So, about 4 o'clock after stitching for at least 3.5 hours, I QUIT.
I made an apple pie. I am starting dinner right after I finish this post.

I am going to work on something else tonight while watching the Steelers BEAT the Ravens.

Hopefully, the frogs will hop outside and FREEZE.

P.S. I hope your day has gone better.


Miss 376 said...

How frustrating, especially after looking forward to it. Better to work on something else and come back to it. Hope tomorrow is better

Cathy B said...

You must have some of the weather we had late last week -- snow, cold, yuk.

Hope the frogs freeze and that you enjoy a night of stitching!

Jeanne said...

I have been living with Mr Frog myself for about a week. Some of it was self-inflicted as I had a change of heart on some colors, but once I started un-stitching seems I can't do anything right. I grabbed 15 mins at lunch to stitch today and right at the end realized I miscounted the whole line I was stitching and now it has to come out. Aaarrgh!

Margaret said...

Sorry about your snow - we are at 25 degrees celsius today which is almost the opposite extreme -
Sorry too, about the frogs. They seem to stick around when they arrive don't they!

Siobhan said...

The 'I will stitch you...' piece is going to be wonderful--I love your idea to hang it from your bedpost. Sorry about the frogs! I have had an infestation of them myself. :P Your BPQ is fabulous! Love the colors. Your DIL to be is a beautiful girl-those dresses are all so pretty!