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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Wedding Pics

I am going to bore you a little more with wedding's the happy couple right after the ceremony.

Mike with 2 of his groomsmen, Charlie, the best man, on the left and Brian a groomsman in the middle at the rehearsal dinner.

And the wedding gift...Jenna pulled Mike away from the driver's side and insisted on driving it! At this point, she still thinks the car is a rental.

Mike getting ready to tuck her into the driver's seat. Jenna is checking out the interior.


Melissa said...

Wow'ser, you weren't kidding about the cherry red. Gorgeous car, and that couple is kinda cute too, fancy dress and all! ;-)

Siobhan said...

Lovely pics! Congratulations to the happy couple. :)

Von said...

I'm uber behind in my blog reading, but had to stop and say, "Congrats" to you and your family on a wonderful wedding!

After my own daughter's wedding 8 years ago, it took several weeks before my brain and body had destressed enough for me to function half-way normally once again. Give yourself permission to do nothing but sleep and veg as often as possible for awhile. :)