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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Wedding Pics

Ok, some more wedding pics...the snapshots are coming in from friends and family.

This is me coming out of the church right after the ceremony. I love the dress! I do wish I'd worked my arms a is what it is.

Mike and Noah doing some line dance...the kids and their friends danced the entire reception. Of course, I did too. Made a proper fool out of myself.

Jenna dancing to the same song. I love her dress. You can see some of the "bling" on it. All pics are clickable and will get BIG.
And the happy couple.

Stitching is going very well all of a sudden. I've gone from famine to feast. I'm back 100% and want to start everything I see (which is very, very dangerous). I allowed myself to start Notforgotten Farms, Parson Brown, a very cool snowman. I'm stitching him on 25count evenweave with the recommended DMC. I did change out one color cause it faded into the fabric. I'm planning on making him into a nice homespun Winter pillow. He'll join the other Frosty Friends in my collection.
Oh, if you are interested, today is the last day to sign up for the Blackbird Exchange Blog Round 3 exchange. Pop on over and sign up. Or email me. Names will be assigned tomorrow. We've got very talented stitchers in the group. No lack of creativity in this bunch. Please join us for a fun time!
Thanks for stopping by. I love when you visit. I enjoy your comments and I hope you enjoy your time in Joanie's World. Stitching pics soon cause I've made enough progress to share. My progress is distinguishable now, not just blobs...hee-hee!


Pam said...

Your dress is beautiful!! I looks like everyone had a great time. I hope that the happy couple are doing well.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your dress is gorgeous. Love the wedding photos, thanks for sharing.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Joanie, you look beautiful and I see why you love your dress. You're stunning. Really enjoy the wedding pics and so glad your back in full swing with the stitching!

Sherry said...

Joanie, your dress is stunning and you look wonderful! The special couple look so happy! Best wishes to them on their new journey!