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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Day pics!!!

I have a few pictures from the wedding. What a beautiful day! It was magical!

This is Chris...he was one of the groomsmen. Mike, Charlie and the DH were picking up their tuxes. Chris decided he wanted to be a manequin...

The wedding cake was scrumptious! Mike and Jenna chose 2 different flavors, one tier was hazelnut cake with chocolate filling (my fav) and the other was an almond cake with raspberry filling. The cake was dense, moist and the icing was not that sickening sweet buttercreme. It was DELISH!!!

The wedding party. The day began with rain but the sky cleared early afternoon. By the time we got to the reception, the photographer could take some outdoor pictures.
And our beautiful bride. Her dress was exquisite. The pictures do not do her justice. She was radiant!

We had a blast at the reception, the food was great, the DJ spun great songs and I danced until my feet ached! We laughed and just had a wonderful time.
Oh, and the best part? After the best man's toast (which was appropriately funny and heartfelt) Mike gave Jenna her wedding gift.....are you ready? He gave her a '08 cherry red MUSTANG! You should have seen her reaction, it was priceless. Mike told her that he misled her, that the car wasn't a rental, he bought it for her. And that he wanted to give her her dream car because he just wants to make all her dreams come true. When he held out the keys to her, there was a gasp from all of us, no one could believe it!
There will be more pictures to come. These are the one's that we got before the camera decided to quit for the evening. I hope you like the little bit that I could share with you!


Melissa said...

Joanie, I'm so pleased that everything went off so well. The photos so far look lovely. Wow, what a big wedding party! And the gift from your boy to his girl - bet there were a few tears in the room, and lots of smiles.

Now you can do some relaxing!

Lee said...

Oh Joanie, how wonderful that day must have been! Jenna looks beautiful, Mike looks handsome, and I hope you'll show us more pictures as you get them.

Now I guess you'll put your feet up and relax for a little while?

Katrina said...

Glad the wedding was so nice! Huge congrats to you all :-). The colors are gorgeous, love all that red.

Laura said...

I am so happy to hear about the wedding! What excitement!!! More pics please when you can!

Tessa said...

Beautiful bride :) Would love to see some more photos too :) AND what a gift!!!!!

connie said...

The photo's are great and everyone looks lovely and the cake looks delicious..I look forward to seeing more pictures..

Pam said...

It sounds like th wedding was a dream day for everyone involved! I would have loved to have seen the bride's face when the groom gave her a new car. What a lucky girl! BTW, that's my dream car, too!

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie, I am so glad that everything turned out perfect. The bride looks beautiful, the Groom handsome, the wedding party happy and the cake looks quite yummy.
Looking forward to seeing more photos as well.
You can put your feet up now ha. - Sandra.

Karoline said...

Gorgeous photo's, I'm glad that the day was so special.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your son's married. The wedding looks beautiful!

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