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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The holidays are officially over

The Second Lieutenant and the lovely Jenna have returned to their home and tomorrow we head back into the routine of work.  I really enjoyed the 2 long weekends we had for the holidays, not quite as good as the 2 weeks I normally save but none the less, a welcome break from the office.  Now, back to the stress of projects and money and bills.  It was nice to put aside all the routine and have a few days where I didn't worry about anything.

All things end, right?

Tonight we watched Iron Chef America and I stitched some on Miss Snow Fairy.  I am disappointed that the Steelers didn't get into the playoffs as a wild card.  But honestly, they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs so I'm not too disheartened.

Anyway, I do want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who come by and come back to see what the ol' blog has to say.  I thank all of you who leave comments and I thank those who don't too.  I enjoy everything that you write and I hope that you find something worthwhile when you visit here.  I am grateful to all of you.  Many times over the past year I thought of deleting the blog.  But I am glad I didn't.

So, it's onward and upward to Monday.   I wish everyone a great week, I hope you stay warm cause it's freezing here in good ol' Upstate NY.

See ya later!


Melissa said...

Have a good week back Joanie. Looking forward to seeing your Snow Fairy progress! Take care!

connie said...

Hi Joanie..I am so glad the holidays are over..It is so cold here in WV too and looks to stay that way up into next week..

Michelle said...

Hi Joanie! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Can I please have your email address - I still have to send you my free chart - maybe you can stitch it for next Christmas :)


Deb said...

Have a good week! And can't wait to see your progress on Snow Fairy. And it's freezing cold here in Michigan too! I hate it, but I suppose I should be used to it!

Kathy said...

Happy New Year to you.

It's pretty cold here in NY City and Long Island too. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

I did not want to go back to work today. Sigh.

Is it Friday yet?


Brigitte said...

I hope the shock of going back to work wasn't too hard, lol. For me it's only next Monday but I'm not looking forward to it either, sigh. Have a good week anyway, with some stitching for the destressing.

Shelleen said...

western NY has been so cold and snowy that my hands hurt all the time even though I keep putting cream on them.

Von said...

I hope there's not too much stress for you, Joanie, as you get back to work and the regular routine of life. That last week of the year is such a lazy one for me, I just love it. But there are some good things on my calender to look forward to, so I'm going to keep my mind on those. :D

Shari said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate NEW visitors, as well as the regulars! I have added yours to my read list!