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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Chit-chat

Hi all!  I hope you are having a good week.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  YaY!   It's been a busy week at work, I am conducting an internal audit and literally on my feet all day.  I go home and collapse. 

I stitched though, I worked on the Miss Snow Fairy.  I added her right wing and started on her pot o' holly on the right.  I've been trying like the devil to resist the urge to start something new but I caved tonight and started yet another Blackbird Design.  I started stitching the heart from Truly Thine, one of the early Loose Feather Designs.  I guess I got bit by the Valentine bug after seeing all the Valentine finishes on your blog.  I want to stitch all the Valentines that you have done but unfortunately I must work to feed my addiction.

Have you been keeping up with With Thy Needle and Thread blog?  Brenda's got the best tease on her site for an upcoming sampler she's going to post on Country Stitches.  I LOVE the colors and I am sure that it'll join the gazillion other samplers in my ever growing stash.  She's got neat punchneedle designs too.  I like how they look but I haven't had good luck with punchneedle. 

Do you think the designers could just cool it for awhile?  I know Nashville is just around the corner and there are teases everywhere on various designer's blogs.  Go check or the Blackbird Designs blog too.  Eye Candy!  Love that sampler she's got in captured in the hoop.

The Second Lieutenant got his official orders yesterday.  They will be leaving in March for Alabama.  He's going to Officer's school for 7 weeks and after that they travel to Goodfellow AFB in Texas for 7 months.  Say a prayer for them, it's a big change for both of them.  They've settled in nicely in Rochester, made some great friends and have nice jobs that they will have to leave.  They are sad but I think excited too.  Both of them are a little anxious.  And fearful of the unknown.  They'll get through it but it's just another strain on the newlyweds. 

Well dear friends, I am going to close for now.  I am so glad that you stopped by for a chat.  I hope that on Saturday I'll have pictures for you.  So thanks for your comments and your visits.  I love that you come by!  :-)


connie said...

Hi Joanie I am glad it's Friday too..Friday is my favorite day of the week..I really like the new needle punch that is coming out. But I have never tried it because I really don't need another hobby..And I really do LOVE the love & be loved and see that in a future order..Of course I will say a little prayer for the newlyweds.I wish them the best..

Casa Pearl said...

At least they will be moving to warmer climes - I'm all for leaving the snow! And I look forward to seeing your finished snow fairy soon. Have fun with the BBDs - they are addicting!

Shelleen said...

hope that your son likes it in Alabama.

Anonymous said...
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