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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stash reduction dilemmas!

I have start-itis - I am feeling stressed. It's an off-shoot of clickyfinger-itis because I am doing my best not to buy any new charts. I want to buy more charts but I have so much now that it's making me feel guilty and more than gluttonous. I even went as far as adding things to my cart at one of the online shops. It didn't make me feel any better even when I clicked off the website without completing the transaction.

There was a thread on Legacy about stash elimination and how freeing it was to be rid of things that you won't stitch or don't fancy anymore. Because I felt guilty about the sheer volume of patterns and kits I have, I started going through my stash to sell some of it off. What a dilemma! It's hard to decide what to let go though, cause I love all of it and there's not much I wouldn't want to stitch at some point during the next 50 or so years I plan on spending on this earth.

I only found a handful of things I would not mind parting company. A couple of kits and Rapsody in Red. A bunch of really old charts. I culled out a bunch of things about 6 months ago, I threw most of it in the trash, the patterns were so old no one would want them now - especially the geese charts (WHAT WAS I THINKING?).

I would have to live 5 lifetimes to stitch everything I have collected over the last 20 years.

Even my tastes haven't changed in the last 20 years. I still love samplers, I still love holiday stuff. I love alphabets. I have plans for alphabet sampler groupings in my dining room, a Quaker Sampler wall in my upstairs hallway, American School-girl style samplers in my family room. Drawn thread designs in my foyer. And then there's the holiday things, little cubes for my kitchen shelf, ornaments to hang from the pegs. Snowmen for my collection and snowman christmas tree. Prairie schooler santas. Needlerolls and smalls. And I am even looking at the elements in designs and dreaming of how I can use them in other creative ways. And the exchanges! I am so bad!



KarenV said...

I know how you feel - I've been in a buying mood just lately, but then I get panicky that I have got enough time to stitch everything I've bought!

I've just picked out a few designs that I've falled out of love with and want to sell or trade, but it hasn't really made much of a dent and my wishlist is growing every day.

Perhaps you have to look at it this way - if you ever have no money for stash in the future, at least you won't run out of things to stitch ;)

Joanie said...

Ok Karen, you've got a deal. I'll strip with you in September.
These are the pieces that have less than 10 hours to go and some have less than 5 hours to complete. For one reason or another, I am stalled.
In order of almost-doneness:

Welcome Spot - hung on the satin stitch roof, I can't count...

Real Roses - At the bottom of the chart, I want to replace the little girl to change a man to represent our family but each time I re-chart him larger, he looks like a clown (DH IS NOT AMUSED!).

Twined Hearts - Just the drawn thread sections. I am not happy with the linen in the drawn thread sections, so I am working on a better way to reweave the linen.

Plaid Heart - need to rechart the over-one verse as I hate the wonky lettering style.

OK, let's see what I can strip and then I can justify a new start (or 2).