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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tuesday Musings

I started my Halloween exchange piece. THEN, the new Blackbird Design booklet, Trix or Treat came in the mail with a ton of Brightneedle designs. (Have I told you that when I am stressed I get *clickyfinger-itis*)? I used to eat when stressed but I lost 30+ pounds and I will not gain any of it back! Anyway, I I was looking through the Halloween booklet, I decided that I wanted to stitch one of those designs instead of what I chose! AND there is a PERFECT piece for my partner...hee...hee....

Now, I have to make a run to the quilt store for appropriate halloweenie fabric (aw, poor me!)for this lovely vintage design. The started Halloween piece will be used for something else so it's not a waste.


Isabelle said...

Sounds great!
And buying stash is so much better than bingeing on food! I completely agree with you! :D

Congratulations on losing those 30+ pounds BTW - that achievement alone entitles you to clickyfinger-itis when you feel the need! ;o)

Can't wait to see your fabric now.

Lelia said...

No kidding, you cannot eat with needles in hand .... good going on the weight loss. Cannot wait to see your exchange pics when everything is revealed.

clickyfinger-itis is too kewl. I'll have to remember that ; )

Nice web log ...

BeckySC said...

Oooh, I wonder what it could BEE??? I can't wait to find out and find out who your lucky recipient is :) :)
Have fun shopping for the finishing fabric :) :)

hugs to you :)

Chelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Love "clickyfinger-itis" - too funny! I'm looking forward to seeing your exchange items.