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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In an attempt to cure my Start-itus

Here's my list of Wips to try to curb my urge to start NEW pieces. In no particular order of completeness, here is what I am working on right now.

The Castle - Teresa Wentzler
Twined Hearts - Shepherds Bush
Real Roses - The Drawn Thread
Welcome Spot Sampler - The Drawn Thread
Tocatta I - The Drawn Thread
Quaker Sampler from SANQ magazine
Heirloom Wedding Sampler - Victoria Sampler
Gingham Hearts - Twisted Thread
Time & Seasons Sampler - Moira Blackburn
Wild Roses - Carriagehouse Samplings
Hillside School of Needleworke - Hillside Sampling
Charmed Hearts - Shepherds Bush
Tree of Life Sampler - Hillside Samplings
AY's 1801 Sampler - Historic Stitches
Plaid Heart - Shepherd Bush
Autumn Sampler - The Drawn Thread
Scared Silly - Birds of A Feather
Gentle Harvest - The Cricket Collection
Stitching Chair Necessaire - Hillside Sampling
Halloween Flipit - Lizzie*Kate

I don't have a rotation except for a screaming one. Is there anything calling my name to work on right now from this list? Maybe Scared Silly, the Bird of a Feather piece cause it's that time of the year. Maybe Time and Seasons Sampler by Moira Blackburn since I love the colors. Don't know. But I am doing ALL I can not to start the new pieces I kitted up. There is an acorn clock pattern in SANQ that I want to start (I have the clock, so that's how I am justifying that urge). There's the Lizzie*Kate boxers that I want to make into cubes. And Fouroaks, Rapsody in Blue, which I kitted to be Rapsody in Red. I want to stitch it on 32ct Creme belfast linen with Vicki Clayton's Garnet premium silk. BE STRONG, Joanie!!!

I just know I can't start anything new. I will really be overwhelmed then!


KarenV said...

If I were you, I'd go through your list and pick out some of the designs that you could finish fairly quickly, say 1-3 days and work through a few of them, then allow yourself one or two new starts. You said on my blog yesterday that you have a few like that, so why don't you join me in StRIP September? :)

Mercedes said...

Well Joanie. You have a similar problem like me. I know what are my wips but I try to concentrate my attention in two or three only.It´s very nice when a project is finished but sure that when you are finishing something, a new thing is in your hand, isnt´t?
My goal for this year is finishing almost three of my ufos. I must to say that I ´m enjoying a lot with exchanges and they break my attention of what I have in my basket.
So I try to stop my impulsive intention to start more and more and try to finish more and more.
Of course, our RR .......
And even find some time to stitch some bday gift...
Girl, good luck for you and me