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Thursday, September 01, 2005

August Goals

First of all, just GETTING THROUGH August was a major accomplishment for me. Most of the month was spend in grief and anxiety over Mike and college.

As far as stitching goes, I did manage to accomplish a couple of things. I made my commitment for the Quaker RR. YEAH.

I finished stitching my Lizzie*Kate Autumn Boxer and finished it into a cube. (It's too cute!)

I started the redwork exchange piece, but may do something different than what I originally planned. That's ok. Same with the Halloween exchanges.

I signed up for 6(!)exchanges...the redwork exchange, the halloween exchange, the Christmas ornament exchange, the Autumn exchange, the Halloween sweetbag exchange and the garden exchange. YIKES!!! But I am really looking forward to this.

And Mercedes, I agree with you! We are hopeless. I am planning on stripping a couple of my almost dones with Karen. I don't have alot of stitching to go on Drawn Thread's Welcome Spot and Real Roses.

I have top post photos this weekend. I have a ton of them to upload, I took photos of all my finished pieces. I am planning to stretch and frame Drawn Thread's Happy Halloween. I bought a frame and painted it black. Then I painted skeletons on it. I may paint some candy corn too but I want to see what the stitched piece looks like before I go nuts painting the frame and take away from the stitching.


tweedledeetweedledum said...
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BeckySC said...

Hi Joanie!
Oh, congrats on finishing your LK into a cube-i can't wait to see :) !!! YAY!

I signed up for a lot of exchanges as well...5 at SBEBB :)

I look forward to seeing all your pics :)

hugs to you :)

KarenV said...

Yay! You're going to StRIP too! ;)

Can't wait to see your 2 DT finishes Joanie :)

cspear54 said...

Dear Joanie,
I'm the ignorant jerk that offered my prayers for your father and in the same posting asked about info on the "Be Ye Thankful" pattern. I accidently ended up on your blog page while searching for this info.
I have never been a part of a blog and am truely ignorant.
I came back on today and read through your blog posting only to realize that at the time of my posting, your father had already gone on. I am truely sorry. Your posting on your pain and emptiness tore at my heart.
I lost my father years ago. He was only 44. We were to go fishing together and when I got to his place to meet him, he didn't answer the door. I thought he had forgotten. 3 days later he was found in his bed. His heart gave out. He had been in there when I went by. It was a shock and something I have never quite figured out how to deal with.
Last year, my sister lost her husband of 30 years to cancer. This was one of those best friends, all I need is you relationships. I feel like I lost her when she lost him. She was one of those "tongue in cheek" kinda people with a quirky little smirk when she delivered one of her one liner comebacks at something you said. The saddest thing about my brother-in-laws passing is that I will never see that smile on my sisters face again. I miss her terribly. We are still close but she has an indiffent attitude towards everything.
You're right about people's hurtful comments. I've seen Deb start crying at the grocery store after picking something up for John, then realizing all over again. It's like you just keep losing them.
We talk and cry together alot. But she can finally laugh occasionally. She will never get over her loss. It's been almost 20 years since I lost my father and I am not "over it". The love is stronger than ever and there's a hole in my heart that will always ache.
I know how impossible it is to shut out hurtful, thoughtless comments but Deb and I have found the only way to keep on going on is to take one day at a time. I've been told that sounds hollow and sad but it works for us. You never lose a love one that you don't from that moment on carry an ache in your heart continueously. But dealing with just one day at a time is so much easier that thinking ahead. Thinking ahead is a constant reminder. Get through each day. Keep their memories near to heart and above all, trust in God. I believe we will all be with our loved ones again. I have to believe that or what's the point?
You sound like a wonderful person, seem to be as strong as you need to be. But it's not a weakness to give in to your anger and hurt when you need to. God bless you and stay strong. You'll be able to get through each day, one day at a time.
Connie Pierce