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Friday, September 09, 2005

Feeling better today

Thank you everyone for your comments regarding my *rant*. It's nice to know that you didn't think I was over-reacting. It happened again today at work. I didn't get upset, I just felt...weary. No one knows what it actually feels like unless you've gone through the loss of a parent (or both!) or a child. The emotions and feelings are always going to be there and it's always going to hurt when that wound gets bumped.

Tonight I stitched on my Halloween piece. I am not making much progress, I am using GAST and the threads are very thin in spots so the coverage isn't like I want. I forgot that overdyes vary in thickness because of the way they are processed.

Tomorrow, I am going to a crafters paradise with my friend, Penny, and some of her friends. It's called The Windmill. It's in Upstate NY about an hour or so from here. I am really looking forward to a *girls day*.

Hope you all had a great week and a wonderful weekend.


KarenV said...

Oh Joanie, I've only just seen your previous post. {{{Big hugs}}} to you. Those people need to get a clue and fast! There's no way you're just going to "get over it" straight away; these events are major life changing ones and it takes time to adjust and get back to normal.

Just ignore anyone that tells you to "buck up" or "get over it" and remember that we are all here for you as long as you need the support.

{{Joanie}}} - hope you enjoy your girls weekend, you deserve it :)

BeckySC said...

Hi Joanie :)
I was thinking about you earlier today and was hoping you were feeling better :) I am happy to read that you are :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

We love ya!
hugs :)