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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Today, we cleaned out the rest of the garage. And TA-DA!!! we got to put both vehicles in there! The first time in 14 years have we actually used this garage for cars! It's clean and tidy.

You have to understand that the DH is somewhat of a packrat. He throws nothing away. It's genetic, his parents are the same way. The garage was his domain and he used it mainly for outdoor thingie storage, you know, car stuff, lawn care, the mowers, etc. He also stored lumber in there and a wood planer cause he was into woodworking for awhile (and wants to get back to it). Therefore, the garage was used for everything but CAR STORAGE!!! He started to clean it out so that we could put the Explorer in there. So in June, right before Mike's graduation, 1/2 the garage was cleaned out for the Explorer. We made progress.

Then he decided that he should clean out the other half for the little truck we have so that in the winter he won't have to clean off the snow. Great idea. And today, we have a very neat and tidy garage. SUCCESS!

As for me...I cleaned out some of my stash and put away some of the painting things in my craft room. I actually listed stuff on Legacy, but only the more recently published charts have sold. I have to do the photo thing and then the ebay thing for them. And after that, I don't know what to do with them. Any ideas?

Then, I started a new piece (ok, I hear groaning)on Saturday. I began *Light the Way* from Blackbird Designs new book Trix or Treat. I really couldn't resist, honest. I got the entire border done last night. BUT, horrors, today I realized that I mis-counted the entire border. Instead of only stitching 13 stitches on each of the zig-zags in that border, I stitched 14!!! The entire border will have to be frogged! Groan and moan. I would just start it over, but I am using an R&R fabric that is perfect for it. So I am ripping it out a little at a time. So much for a quick finish for halloween. Serves me right! I should be stitching on the exchange pieces anyway....

Well, that was my Labor Day, with the exception of speaking to the kid on his first day of classes at RIT. He had calculus and Theatre Arts today. Tomorrow, he has Physical Training with the AirForce ROTC, a leadership class with them and then Chemistry, American History and Freshman Practicum. He's busy.

Take care everyone...hope your weekend was splendid.


BeckySC said...

Hi there Joanie :)
It sounds like you had a "Labor" day!!! LOL! I am glad it was productive for you :)

I am sorry to hear you have to frog....I could send some Frog-be-gone if you need it ...LOL! I hope it doesn't give you too much trouble. (((((Joanie)))))

Joanie said...

Frog be gone??? Send me a case!