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Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Quaker Friendship Sampler

A picture of my Quaker Friendship Sampler that is making the rounds with the Quaker ladies on the Legacy Embroiderers BB:

I am so thrilled with it! I can't wait until it comes home and can join Anne Grimshaw!!!

What do you think of it?


Kiwi Jo said...

I think it is stunning! When will you get it back home?

BeckySC said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous :)

hugs to you friend :)

Isabelle said...

How gorgeous! Wow!

KarenV said...

Gorgeous Joanie! :)

Joanie said...

Umm..I'm not exactly sure when it gets home...we are either on round 4 or 5 and there's 9 of us stitching on this RR. I just know that there are stunning samplers in this group and we are a very happy bunch of ladies, everyone's sampler is a treasure!

Patti said...

I think it's fantastic! And that you should send it to me of course! LOL Can't wait to see it completed.