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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ok a really big rant

I am very angry right now, so if you are disinclined to reading about my anger, please stop reading now.

Fair warning.

Tonight I went to Weight Watchers. I gained another pound. One of the ladies that sits near me asked how I did. When I told her that I was up another pound (5 total now :-( ) she whispered to me, you're up another pound, I know you've had a rough couple of weeks but you need to get over it and take control. TAKE CONTROL!!! GET OVER IT!!! My Dad died 3 weeks ago and my son left for school 2 weeks ago. AND I SHOULD GET OVER IT?!!! I politely but firmly told this woman that I didn't think that I should be over it yet cause it's only been a few weeks and in all honesty I doubt that I would EVER *get over* it.

Then another lady sitting in front of me told me I should go on anti-depressants because clearly I was depressed. I am not depressed. If anything I think I am suppressing my grief and doing my very best not to fall apart.

Another lady overheard this conversation and proceeded to tell me that I should be glad that I had my Dad for as long as I did, and even though this was hard I had to realize that he was 86 and had a long life so I shouldn't be so upset that he died. Like THAT was supposed to make me feel better.

Then I went to the grocery store and ran into someone who knew about my Dad and that my Son went to school. This person told me to *Buck up* this was life.

Do these people think that they are being helpful?

This is what I would like them to do....If they can't say something a) Nice b) sincere c)or truly helpful then I would like them to SHUT UP!

And to top it all off, Post cereals changed the AlphaBits formula and they are not the same. They taste like wet cardboard. And I loved AlphaBits. I'm sad.

Rant over.


Isabelle said...

Oh Joanie, don't give a damn about these jerks.
It's OK to be feeling like you do and anyway, everyone has his/her own "rhythm" and his/her own way to face sorrow.

(((hugs))) and don't go worrying about that silly pound. A pound is nothing and you will lose it again when you're ready.

Chelle said...

For the love of pete - what is the matter with people?? Who made them the expert on YOU? It blows my mind that people hand out medical advice like breath mints. Please don't pay any attention to them. Grief is a very personal thing. Only you can know what is right for you. Big hugs!!

Melissa said...

Joanie...I agree with what Isabelle and Chelle said. A pound is nothing, and you'll lose it again when you're ready too. Grief is something we all go through in a different way and time, and I think you're handling everything that has happened amazingly. You need to tell those people to go jump in a lake.
Big hugs!!!!

Ashleigh said...

Joanie, Iw as thinking maybe you are gaining because you're swapping muscle for fat? I saw that you had been on the treadmill and that happens sometimes! I really feel for you about what those people said - it was terribly insensitive of them. I think you should keep up the WW and soon you'll have a loss - esp if you've gained muscle.