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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stitching away!

Taking a break from the needle and floss to read everyone's blogs. I just love doing that, it makes me think that I am on a little visit with each of you. Wouldn't it be great to someday get together? How cool would THAT be!

I have been working on my exchanges and the Quaker RR. I started my ornie, I am working on my sweetbag and Halloween exchange. Picked out my House exchange and I am finished with my Autumn/Fall piece. I am 75% finished with the redwork exchange too. The only one I have to decide on is the lottery piece. I am burning up the floss!

In my last post, I told you all that I bought stash. I forgot to mention that I also bought a Just Nan's exclusive from The Silver Needle. It's that too cool Halloween ort box. And I won some things on ebay...I gotta get a grip, but I am having so much fun and I LOVE everything I own, even the stuff that I sold, I loved those things too. Anyway, yesterday, I was pawing through my craft room. I got looking at my painting books and very old magazines and charts. I love them all! There is so much I want to stitch and paint, it can be overwhelming but not in a bad sense. It's a feeling of oh, I can't wait to start this and then that, and oh, I forgot about that piece... Do you ever feel that way? Like you want to start EVERYTHING? And then I go blogg-hopping and see all your work and I want to do even MORE!

There is a thread on the Legacy bb asking if you could have a sampler wall (or a needlework wall) what would you hang? I want a Quaker wall in my upstairs hallway. I want Schoolgirl samplers in my family room. I would like samplers with Bible verses in my family room too. And french alphabets in red or black in my dining room. In my craft room, I would like all the whimsical pieces, Lizzie*Kates, Bent Creeks....a Drawn Thread wall...a Shepherd Bush wall. And seasonal pieces for the kitchen. What about you? Do you have a sampler wall already? What do you have hanging already? I would love to know all your plans...and maybe I'll steal an idea or 2 from you!

I think that next year I am going to put some of these wants into my stitching plans. Definitely I want to work on Quakers (I love them for their graphic quality) and I would like to work on a red alphabet piece. And I want to finish up a couple of Wips. And of course, start a bunch more!

On another note...
I decided on a sell price and the realtor is overnighting my contract. I have come to a place of peace with everything. I placed it in God's hands and it's going to be taken care of. The realtor is very nice and I feel like I *know* her. She is very capable, has a sense of humor and will give me advice when I want it. One less thing to worry about.


BeckySC said...

Joanie....'s the RR BB that is closing down and moving over to the Exchange BB...
I LOVE the exchange BB and it will go on as long as we have people participating-there just wasn't enough interest on the RR BB-so I combined it with the exchanges...PHEW!!!! Hope you got that...ROFL! I was scared when I read your lovely e-mail to me that you thought it was the exchange BB :) :)

Thank you, Joanie, for being YOU :) :)

Love ya!

BeckySC said...

Now, let me leave a comment about this lovely post of yours :) (heart has calmed considerably from the BB scare...LOL!!!)

You are busy with your exchanges...I am so anxious to see them all posted to the BB and blogs soon-the NR postings were a lot of fun to see and I think we all did a great job with our NR! I was so excited that the FIRST exchange on the SBEBB went so well :)

I am working on or maybe I should say deciding on my lottery piece as well....can't wait to see what we all choose for this one!

Oh WOW, you got the JN Halloween box...I was tempted! I will BEE watching for yours to come to life :)

Yep-I sometimes feel like I wanna just start it all...but then I come back down to earth..ROFL!!!!!

I have a wall dedicated to stitching in my den and in my stitching room-both walls are a collage of stitching pieces as I like SO many different designs :)I have my stitching hung in every room of the house.

Thank again, my friend :) You are the BESTEST!!! (after freaking me out about the BB that is...hehehe!!!)

KarenV said...

Joanie, it sounds like you're going great guns on your exchange pieces! Can't wait to see what you've stitched :)

I regularly have those feelings of gotta start everything at once. I'd love to do so, but I think my sanity would suffer ;)

Glad that the house sale is being taken care of - look after yourself and lots of {{{hugs}}} to you.