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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Got to see the kid today!

Mike's computer came on Friday. We've been waiting for it for a few weeks now and UPS gave us notice that they had it. So, off to the *hub* to pick it up, I went.

We decided to go to RIT today to drop it off and take Mike shopping for a winter jacket and some other things. It was great seeing him! He's doing wonderfully and it was such a nice day spending it with him and 3 of his friends. We took them to the mall, Target, Best Buy and then the grocery store. I miss him a lot but it's great knowing he's adjusted well to life as a college guy.

On another note, I contacted a realtor on Saturday to put my Dad's house on the market. It was quite an emotional morning for me. My Dad owned that house for over 40 years and there's a lot of memories attached to that house. I was nervous about obtaining a realtor, and really I just shut my eyes and picked one out of the realty book that I picked up when I was home for the funeral. I got a very nice lady realtor who seems to be capable. I am glad, because this is a long distance deal since I am in NY and the house is in Pittsburgh PA. She walked through the house today and sent me an email of her thoughts. She said that the house is neat, clean and tidy and it was evident that my Dad took care of the place. Had positive things to say about the location, the porches, kitchen and garage. Negatives were the bath (no shower) and the house needs a coat of paint. The painting probably will be the sticking point on a sale. I am now debating on whether to have it painted to up the sale price but I run the risk of not recovering that $$. It's a dilemna cause I really don't have thousands to put into it. Blech.

On a stitching note, I finished the stitching part of my autumn/fall exchange (sorry NO PICTURES). Now for the assembly part. I am almost done with the stitching on my sweetbag for the Legacy exchange cause that's due in a couple of weeks. I have to concentrate on the Halloween piece for Stitching Bloggers and my Quaker RR. Then, it's the lottery piece (that's going to be FUN!) and my ornie which is all kitted up and ready to be stitched. I will have a busy 6 weeks stitching up a storm for all my friends. Then I am going to take a break and stitch for me (and continue with the Quaker RR) over the holidays. I have the Gardening exchange to work on over Christmas but that's fine cause I am off 10 days and I get a ton of stitching done during that time. Usually, I kill off a Wip or 2 during that time.

Speaking of Wips...Karen V and I made a deal to stRIP this month, I haven't been good about it unless you count that I LOOKED at my almost finished Drawn Thread piece. I promise, Karen, that I will at least work on it before the end of September. K?

And I had *clicky-finger-itus yesterday too (hanging my head in shame) and I ordered a bunch of things from Lois at Elegant Stitch. After I talked to the realtor, I was in desperate need of retail therapy. (HEY, at least I didn't turn to food like I would have 30+ pounds ago!)
I bought the a few Lizzie*Kates...October Flip it Stamp, Pair O' Pilgrims, Balanced Diet (I'm going to try to stitch this up for my Weight Watcher leader, who's a friend of mine.), Cricket Collections...In a Nutshell I, Ghost Ship, and Sampler Cove's Quaker, Grace Sampler. My credit card is whining but I do feel a little better. Really, I do. And I AM collecting for retirement, right Becky???!!!

So that was MY weekend, how was yours? How is your stitching coming and what did you stitch on this weekend? Enquiring minds would love to know! Have a good week everyone and thanks for reading my thoughts!


Lelia said...

hang in there Joanie. You ordered some nice stash! That is always fun to do.

cathymk said...

It's funny I just faxed an order for a whole bunch of stuff from the elegant stitch! Your stash aquisition sounds great! I like the look of the pilgrim pair (nearly fell for them this time too!)

BeckySC said...

Maybe we could retire to a "Stitching Retreat"....Take all our accumulated stash (of every kind-charts, fibers, fabrics...)and we sit and stitch while being waited on hand and foot-sound like a plan to you???? Actually, maybe you and I could BEE the Proprietors??? As we will surely have the most stash between us!!!!

I am glad you signed up for the Lottery-I can't wait to see the entries :)

Hugs to you my friend!

KarenV said...

Joanie, don't stress about your StRIPping ;) Deadline stuff comes first, so concentrate on your exchanges - the other stuff will still be there when you're ready for it.

I just had a bunch of charts delivered this morning, so we're both guilty of a little retail therapy. I'm definitely on the Wagon now though ;) Your stash haul sounds great - enjoy!