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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I am losing my mind

I misplaced Indigo Rose's *Four Little Acorns* freebie, as well as, 2 SANQ magazines. I am going nuts trying to find them. See, that's what happens when you decide to CLEAN! I have torn apart my craft room and searched everywhere I can think of where I would have put them. I can hear them laughing at me as they play hide and seek with me. It just highlights my stash gluttony.

Tonight, I do not feel well, I feel a cold coming on. I should stitch but I am so aggravated I would just mess up whatever I touched. I am going to go to bed soon.

I know the pattern and the magazines are going to show up AFTER I decide and start something new for these exchanges. That's the way it always goes.

On another note, we talked to the DS today, he had his first physical training session with the ROTC. He did fabulous. He is the most physically fit on his dorm floor. And of course, he is estatic. However, he is not estatic over Chemistry. He doesn't like Chemistry and he sees no value in 3 hours of Chemistry a week. Or US History for that matter. Oh, to be back in college again!


Mercedes said...

Sorry, Joannie you don´t feel very good.
My son and my DH are ill too with high fever an a strong pain in the throat, so, this is not a good begining for the new school year,grrrrr

Joanie said...

Oh, Mercedes, I am sorry to hear that! I wish them a speedy recovery! Sorry that your son is missing school.

BeckySC said...

Hi Joanie...hope you found the IR freebie and that you are feeling better :)

(((((((feel better hugs)))))))

Tessa said...

I hate it when you can't find something and tear the place apart.... then they show up in the first place you looked!!! or else inside something else....