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Sunday, September 04, 2005

I am so overwhelmed!

Today, I am working on my craft room. WHAT A JOB!!! I am totally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things crammed in that room. Between the cross stitch patterns and books plus all the decorative painting books, patterns, wood and paint, I can hardly stand to be in there from the sheer volume of it all. I am truly a craft addict. I really have to go through all of it and Ebay it or sell it off on the boards. There is no way I will ever live to stitch paint or craft all that I have purchased in 15 years since I began crafting in earnest.

I am beginning to think that this is truly a sickness. What void am I trying to fill up in my life that would require me to spend so much money and effort on all of this stuff? Does anyone have an answer?

Ok, here's the question:

What makes you purchase more when you have plenty already?

Did I do this cause I felt isolated? Lonely? Bored? Motivated? All of the above?
Is it the desire to have the latest hot charts or books? To belong to a group even though I probably will only know you through email or the internet?

Anyway, watch out for my stuff on the boards, girls.


BeckySC said...

I'm stocking up for retirement :) LOL!!! That is what I always tell everyone that asked "What will you ever do with all that stash???"

Hugs Joanie...I too have so much cross stitch stash I could have an LNS here in my for my other crafting addictions-they are in a room to themselves as well...I am an organize freak tho-
and everything is organized and neat.
Maybe if you do a little at a time and decide what to get rid of and keep...maybe you won't be so overwhelmed. Good luck to you...wish I lived close---I'd come help you :) :) :)

Joanie said...


I could open a stitching and decorative painting store in my room too.

I am organized and neat too but there is just so much everywhere, I couldn't add another thing! And I am finding it overwhelming. It feels crushing in that room even though everything is in boxes, binders and bookshelves.

I am going to take your advice, I am going through my stash binder by binder and listing it on Legacy. Some of it I'll put on Ebay because it's so old that if I could just give it away I would!

Thanks for your encouragement!

Patti said...

Ahhh, the eternal question Joanie. If you find the answer, please share it. I've tried to stop and sometimes it works for a while. I'm with Becky - stocking up for retirement.

KarenV said...

I understand where you're coming from with the "buying to belong to a group" thought - I know if I see that other people have been buying, I tend to get swept along and buy too. I also buy if I'm bored/fed up (good old retail therapy), and there's also an element of "hot new stash" buying, although I do try to use my wishlist rather than buying immediately, as I often change my mind later.

BTW, do you still want to trade for Celtic Band Sampler? Let me know what you want in return or send me a link to your wishlist :)

Chelle said...

Joanie I can SO relate to your "why am I buying this" question! If you figure out the answer I hope you'll let us know. I need a cure. In the meantime good luck getting things sorted out and sold.

If you have time, please email me! I'd love to know what fabric/fibers you are considering for the French sampler. After all, it IS my fault! ;o) My addy is in my profile.

Lelia said...

J: You should submit your question to RENEE - SBQ. Honestly, I don't know the answer. I enjoy creating things & am frustrated when I don't have what I need AT HAND. Don't like to drop everything & go to the store. Plus, when things I will use someday are on sale .... I figure -- get it now or regret passing it up.