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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday stitching

Today, I finished stitching Lizzie*Kate's Autumn Boxer. I think it's adorable and I want to make it into a cube. I have to go fabric shopping now, for appropriate Fall fabric to back it. Then I think I will display it on my mantle over the Fall season. I will be able to leave it out until the Snowmen come out after Thanksgiving. That's too cool!

I also did some framing too, I framed a bent creek pattern, blackbird sampler that I stitched eons ago. In June, I went to a framing class at my LNS. It sorta was an overview, but once I realized how easy it was to frame things, I went and bought a stock frame at Michaels, painted it a brick red, stretched the piece and popped it in. Actually it came out pretty good!

I also bought a stock frame for a Drawn Thread Halloween piece too, Happy Halloween! I didn't frame it yet though. I need to get more pins! Pinning the needlework to the foam core took a lot of pins! I painted the frame black and want to paint some small wood cutouts to embellish the frame.

I went surfing and came up with a few sites for frames, so now I will be able to frame some of the seasonal pieces that I stitched. The samplers and some of the larger pieces will get framed professionally because I want them to be framed under glass and I want a decent selection of frames. I will at least stretch them and have the framer finish them off. The framer that I deal will discount the framing job if the piece comes in ready to be framed. It'll save at least $20.

I also bought a few things online...bad girl. I ordered a ton of Brightneedle patterns and the new Blackbird Designs Halloween book, Trix & Treats from Elegant Stitch. And I was on the Legacy forum and there was a post about a Homespun Sampler design called Nellies Garden Revisited. It's a gorgeous sampler. My Mom's name was Nellie and she has been in heaven for 9 years now. I thought that I would stitch this in her memory, as I never found a sampler that I wanted to stitch and dedicate to her.

Other than that, the weekend was beautiful. Mike's buddies came Saturday afternoon, spent the night and played paintball all afternoon today. He has a great group of buddies. They laughed and laughed and joked around. They even picked up after themselves! Who hoo!

David and I went to church and afterwards I did laundry and some light housework, but other than that I had no energy for much else. So the weekend really was just to relax and stitch and watch the kid have fun. Now it's back to work and to a psychotic week.

Well, it's getting dark and I still have clothes on the clothesline outside. I better go get them now or I will be taking them down by flashlight. And I need to water the flowers too. Hope everyone who reads this has a good week!


BeckySC said...

Congrats on your finish :) I love the cube idea and will BEE waiting to see it when you have finished it :)
Your framing sounds like it turned out nicely too!!

Ooooh, new stash and it sounds yummy too! My kinda stash :)

I would say you had a productive weekend! Congrats :)

Have a great week :)

KarenV said...

Nellie's Garden revisited is a beautiful design and it's a lovely idea for you to stitch it in memory of your mom :)

Looking forward to seeing your L*K Boxer finish - it sounds really cute!

Tobie said...

Hi Joanie, I found your link from a post at Legacy......enjoyed reading your blog! Congrats on your LK boxer finish. I have that in the stash, and I stitched up the Autumn Cottage Boxer last year. Her Fall boxers are the best! Have fun with your new purchases! I'll have to go check out Nellie's Garden now, and that is so perfect to stitch in honor of your Mother! BTW, I had never thought of buying stock frames at a craft store to frame little pieces......I'll definitely be looking at frames now with needlework in, that will save a ton!