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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Karin's Ornament

Karin in Ireland made me the cutest snowman ornament for the ornament exchange on the Stitching Blogger's Exchange BB.
Here it is! TA-DA-A-A-A!!!!

Isn't it adorable? I have it hanging from a peg on my kitchen shelf. Thanks, Karin, I LOVE IT!!!


Karin said...

I'm very happy you liked the ornament and the package! It was fun to shop and stitch for you. You deserve to be spoiled in this difficult time.
Do take care!
Karin in Ireland

RĂ³sa said...

I love snowmen too and this ornament is adorable. You're so lucky and Karin did a wonderful job.

Patti said...

Oh it's really cute! Great job Karin and congratulations Joanie.