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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mourning Samplers

I never really gave this concept a lot of thought but there is a thread on Legacy about mourning samplers. I guess they were, well, too morbid for me to even consider. I've never liked the *tombstone samplers* as my son refers to them. But recently I've decided that maybe I would *research* them just in case I wanted to memorialize my parents. I came up with the following samplers that I think I could live with and would reflect who my parents were when they were alive.

My Dad was a US Navy veteran, so I came across a French sampler called Armada. Here's a picture of it:

Dad never tired of telling Navy stories and he was quite proud of his service time. So I thought this sampler was fitting for him. I will lengthen the sampler and personalize it with his Navy service record.

I chose this sampler for my Mom from Homespun Elegance called Nellie's Garden Revisited.

Her name was Nellie and she was an old fashioned gal. This sampler, to me, has a very homespun quality about it. My Mom was a stay at home mom who lived for her family.

What do you think?


cathymk said...

They are both beautiful. I like the navy one especially and personalising it with your Dad's navy record will make it extra special.

Patti said...

I think it's a lovely idea and I think your choices are perfect. What a great idea - maybe I will look for one for my mom. Hugs to you!

Nicki said...

I think they're both beautiful. They really appeal and it would be so special. I have a needlework piece I was stitching when my Gran died, and although I didn't do it specially to remind me, I do think of her when I look at it and it's very special :)

KarenV said...

I think they're both beautiful samplers and very appropriate choices to remember your parents. I'm still planning to personalize An Open Heart as a memorial to my mom once I figure out how I can do that.

Karin said...

Joanie, they are both wonderful and so fitting!!
Like you I think the mourning samplers are way to morbid!! I've chosen A Mother's Heart from SB to stitch in memory of my mum. I'll stitch my mum's name and dates around the heart.

Joanie said...

Thanks gals for your input. Isn't it nice that there are beautiful things that remind us so much of our loved ones, Nicki?
I am glad that you like my choices and I will be beginning each of them in 2006. I want to figure out what I can finish before I start yet another sampler. I love your choice, Karen, I looked at an Open Heart but I didn't think that it fit my Mom's personality. She liked fine things and was artistic but she also was very down to earth so Nellie's Garden Revisited fits her. Karin, the SB Mother's Heart reminds me of my MIL because she likes flowery, feminine things.

I am glad you don't think I am being morbid or obsessed, I'm still working through emotions and I am doing well. I am focusing on the good times.