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Friday, December 30, 2005

What I stitched over Christmas vacation

Some pictures :-)!!

Hillside Samplings, Hillside School of Needlework:

Prairie Schooler, Prairie Birds:
Cardinals (Sorry, it's a tad blurry)


Isabelle said...

Oh, they're lovely. I especially love this School of Needlework... Darling. You are so right to pick it up again (as you explained in your previous post).

You've spent your free time admirably ;o)

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

These are very pretty. I especially like the Hillside Samplings one.

Nicki said...

I love the School of Needlework too! Glad you chose it to do, although I understand the hiding something away when it needs frogging or thinking about. I do that too!

Cathy said...

The Hillside School of Needlework is lovely. It looks like you don't have too much more to go on it! Go Joanie!

Karoline said...

Great progress Joanie, I particularly like the School of Needlework so I'm glad you decided to pull this one out.

KarenV said...

Great progress Joanie - I love the little birds :)