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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Some photos of the makeover

Well, the extreme home makeover has really gotten underway and there is significant changes to the house. The boys put on the roof and the new soffits and fascia, it's very nice. However, the big change is the new room.

Here are some of the pictures of the makeover...

The guys finished the framing on Tuesday:

And today when we got home from work, they had put the plywood sheeting on the framing. We have a room!

I don't think the husband is really happy about it though, he is now questioning everything. In the beginning, he had nothing to say, but now, he's concerned about lighting and switches and window size. I am not sure what to make of it.

On the stitching front, I haven't picked up a needle. Honestly, I haven't felt right for the last couple of weeks. The house remodel and the house sale (I am selling my Dad's home)is a weight right now. Work is beginning to get really stressful too.
We have a number of Customer audits coming up and our big registration audit happens in 8 weeks. Plus, a large project that I am team lead for is not going as planned. I think I need a *Calgon, take me away* moment!

Hopefully, this weekend, I will feel better and want to stitch again. I feel badly because I haven't had anything to show you in the last couple of weeks.

I did break down and I ordered the Fancy work's, Lavendar Rose Sewing Case and Hillside Samplings Alphabet Needlebook.

I've been lusting after the Hillside Needlework's piece for quite awhile now. And I just thing the Lavendar Sewing Case is very pretty.
A little retail therapy can cure a world of ills!


Cathy said...

Joanie - you don't need to apologize for not stitching. I experience these moments from time to time too.

The house project is coming along. I'm sure you're looking forward to having it finished.

Myrna said...

I'm sure the makeover is stressful enough, along with all the other things going on.

Sometimes, a little stashing is just the pick-me-up that's needed. :-)

Don't worry about not having updates... I sometimes go thru non-stitching times too!


KarenV said...

You've got a lot on at the moment Joanie - I'm not surprised you're not stitching.

We decorated 2 of our bedrooms last year and I was too distracted to stitch for a few weeks, so I know how you feel. Don't stress about it, you'll get back to it when you're ready.

I'm going to be ordering the Fancy Work sewing case soon - fancy doing a SAL at some point? (no rush since I need to get all the materials together first).

Have a great weekend! Hugs to you :)

Danielle said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of stitching!! I know how you feel when you can't show any progress photos, but sometimes other things jusrt have to take precendence! It sounds like you are quite busy!! Your room looks like it is coming along nicely though!! Hope you get in some stitching time soon!