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Sunday, February 05, 2006


First of all there is a mystery post on my blog. I posted an entry *Do you ever get to a place* and no one can enter a comment on it nor can I edit or delete it because it doesn't show up in the listings of my posts. Weird.

Next, I finally took a couple of pictures and tried to upload them into a NEW post but blogger would not allow it.

I did a test entry and it worked.

So, I am trying again. Here goes.

There was light yesterday! So I took a few pictures of my progress on Miss Mary Mack and Sarah Tatum. ALso, I snapped a shot of Drawn Thread's Welcome Spot for Karen so she can see how far I am and spur me on to finish it. It's my way of preventing me from starting yet another project. I want to start Drawn Threads Season Spots into one big sampler. I've bought the linen and I have the DMC. And it's calling, calling to me to put it on scroll rods. Karen, you have to save me from the siren call of a new project! LOL!!!

Anyway, the pictures...

Miss Mary Mack...

Sarah Tatum....

Welcome Spot...

Today, I am going to work on my mystery project. It's really not a mystery to me but it is for Nancy. It's the long awaited Autumn Exchange. Nancy, if you read my blog, I apologize and I wish you had some Anti-Frog spray for this piece and my needle. Or teach me to count...LOL!!!!!!!!!

Then the Steelers are playing in the Superbowl. YES!!! I am not sure what I am going to stitch on during the game. Nothing that requires concentration, that's for sure!


Isabelle said...

This is all lovely, Joanie. I especially like your DT Welcome Spot!! It's adorable!

You do seem to be over your slump! :)

Nancy K. said...

Hi Joanie:

I'm here - I love all seeing all your stitches. I wish I could help you out with your stitching, I know that must be really frustrating! Like you, I've been thinking of stitching the DT Season spots on one piece, as I've seen that done, and they look wonderful! I've also seen them finished into one large cube, which I think would be great to do, also! Ah, so many decisions!

Have fun watching the Super Bowl. I'll be doing homework! Maybe some stitching when that is done, but it must come first.

Take care, Nancy

KarenV said...

You're so close with Welcome Spot, Joanie - Go Joanie, GO!

Try setting yourself a goal of doing one motif or so a day and then posting a pic for us to cheer you on. It'll be finished in no time and then you can start the seasonal spots :)

MMM is looking really cute and I love your start on Sarah Tatum. I've seen a few Quakers in brown shades and I love the look. I'm planning to do a Quaker in browns as soon as I can :)

Christine said...

I like all your 3 works !
They are so great !

Myrna said...

All your stitching looks great! I hate when I get in a slump, and just want to start something new. I am trying to finish up more of my stash this year, but, these blogs have already put two new projects on my 'Wish List'! :-)