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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mr.Sandman bring me a dream...where are YOU?

It's 2:00AM in NY. I have to be up at 5:15 and I haven't slept a wink since I went to bed at 11:00PM. The mind will not shut up! I have a big audit tomorrow at work and all I am doing is thinking about it and what could go wrong. Why does this happen? I've obsessed about it all weekend. I can't change any of it and it's not like I haven't participated in one of these events. So, why am I fretting over it? Is it because my manager is somewhat less than happy with how it was put together? Is it because even though I am not *hosting* it, I am responsible for the planning and the outcome? Whatever. I am living for Monday around 6 PM cause then it will be OVER.

Stitching...hmmm...once again, I can not count. I worked on Prairie Year all weekend. I wanted to finish up February and March so I am caught up with the SAL. I made good progress on February, all the hearts are in place, and I have one and 1/2 of them completed. I thought that I would be able to finish March but I overcounted the border by 10 threads. So I picked it out which took a LONG time since this piece is stitched over 1. Tonight, all that's left is the little flowers...about 20 stitches. I couldn't finish it though as I thought I should go to bed. HA!
I should have mounted the piece on scroll rods too cause even though I am stitching it in a hoop, I am not liking how some of the stitches look. The tension isn't terrific. If I get ambitious, I'll mess with that later this week.

I did have S.E.X. this weekend too...I bought this from Wyndhamneedleworks. It's the Old Colonial Designs Needlework Garden. I bought the pattern AND the basket.

I orginally wanted to buy Emblems of Innocence by Cherished Stitches:

But, I came across the Olde Colonial Design piece and forgot about the Cherished Stitches piece..DUH!!! Oh well, another time.

Well, I drank all my hot cocoa and I feel a little drowsy so I will be off to bed. Maybe the Sandman will visit...I really hope so!


Isabelle said...

Joanie, I am so sorry about your sleepless night. I know how terrible those can be. I hope everything will go fine and you'll recover your sleep after the audit.
I really, really love what you bought. And with the basket too! What a dream!

Please keep us posted on how the audit went, OK? *hugs*

Nicki said...

Gorgeous stash! :)

Von said...

Hi Joanie,
Well, the day is over and I'm hoping to hear good things about your audit so your sleep tonight will be sweet. :)
You bought a beautiful project! Hope you can get to it soon. :)

Patti said...

Poor girlie! It's after six now so I hope everything went okay. The frog was visiting me too this weekend - had to remove two full sides of an exchange piece I'm working on. hugs!

Cathy said...

That Needlework Garden is gorgeous - I've been thinking about purchasing it too!

Hope everything went well for you today!

Danielle said...

I love that basket! I really love all those small designs that incorporate baskets and boxes and such.