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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sleepless in New York

Ok, I think this is becoming a habit. It's 1AM in NY and here I am, dear bloggers, surfing the 'net and conversing with you. It's another hot cocoa, sleepless night. How many more of these can I do without keeling over from exhaustion?

For all of those with inquiring minds that want to know, the audit went OK. Not spectacular and we didn't fail. Came out with 2 nonconformances for document management and one opportunity for capital expenditure..ha ha, right. It was a so-so some points it was rather nerve wracking but at other times it was low key. I got through it. Woo. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and inquiries as to how it went. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!!!

Stitching-wise, tonight I continued to work on Prairie Year. I am almost caught up with the SAL. For some reason, I do not like the February motif, so I am having difficulty working on it. I ripped and re-stitched March's border and finished off the little white flowers. March is done. And I began April early. I have 1/2 the border stitched and the rabbit's head and tail done.

Also, I was stash diving tonight. Have I told you how much I LOVE my stash? Honestly, there isn't many things that I have in my 800+ patterns that I wouldn't love to stitch. I just love pawing through the binders and thinking about where this piece would look the best or what fabric that piece would be suited for...gosh, I am easy...just give me fabric, fiber and pattern and I am a happy, happy camper! but then again, I know YOU feel the same way.

And I went blog hopping tonight. I saw Karen's lovely Open Heart dedicated to her Mom. It brought a tear to my eyes. I know how you feel, dear friend. Spring is coming to Maine and Patti's been crafting up a storm! You go, Girlfriend! Everyone else is stitching like crazy too and producing such beautiful needlework. You all are so inspiring. Your accomplishments encourage me!

I am planning on a mini-vacation at the end of the week. The husband is going out of town for a couple of days, so it will be just me and the critters. There is so much that needs to be done around here, I may paint my bathroom or get really ambitious and clean out my basement.

The home makeover has ground to a halt. There has been no activity for 3 weeks, we are waiting on windows, steps and a new kitchen counter. Everything is back ordered or late. The windows were never ordered, my little Hungarian contractor said that the lumber yard where he place the order thought that we just wanted an estimate. The countertop order was misplaced at the manufacturer and the steps are back ordered. I am getting antsy about all of this, I want something done!

Oh well, thanks for sharing my sleepless night. My hot chocolate is gone and I am going to try to go to sleep.

I hope that everyone is having a great time with all their projects and may the frogs stay away from your stitching!


Cathy said...

Well, I'm no better than you are my dear! It's nearly 1:00am in MN and I'm surfing blogs too!

Like you, I love to 'finger' my stash - and I have a million things that I would like to work on yesterday!

Have a good evening -um, ah, oops - I mean morning!

KarenV said...

{{{Joanie}}} - thanks for you comment :)

Glad you got through the audit OK, but I'm sorry the home makeover is stalled for the moment. Hope you get back on track with it sooner rather than later.

Isn't stash diving great? I'm about to go a bit hog-wild and start a bunch of stuff that I've been itching to start for a while - ooohh, can't wait!

Von said...

So sorry to hear you're awake again. Think it could be a premenopausal thing? Been through that and had some awful nights and cranky days.
Glad the audit is over and done with. :)
Playing in one's stash is a most relaxing way to spend an evening!

Danielle said...

I wish I could stay up late sometimes, but lately I have been so tired I can barely make it through the news! Glad to hear you are caught up on the PS designs. I am terrible--when I fall behind on something I tend to never get caught up!!! Wow--800 patterns! I wonder how many I have...I love looking through my charts and kitted up designs, too!