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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pending house sale

A lot has happened since I wrote last. On the stitching front, I've worked on 2 Quaker samplers the last couple of nights. One is from The Needleworker magazine Oct. '99. The other is my Quaker RR.

John Foster and I are taking a break from each other, maybe absence will make our hearts grow fonder.

There is a pending sale on my Dad's house, it came out of the blue over the weekend. Actually, there were 2 offers from the open house that was held on March 12th. The agent didn't think that there was any interest, so I put it out of my mind. On Tuesday, there were 2 prospective offers, one very low and one that had potential. After I countered both offers, the buyers with the low offer could not meet my counter. The other potential buyer came back with another counter and I re-countered their proposal. It's like a chess match...anyway, they took my second counter proposal so we are moving to closure. There will be house inspections and since this buyer is persuing an FHA loan there are government requirements too. Radon, pests, safety. I am not too concerned with some of the FHA inspections, except the one for the electrical system. FHA requires that there be circuit breakers and this house is powered electrically by 100 AMP fuses. Putting in a circuit box will cost almost $1000. I am hoping that this won't break my deal.

I do have mixed feelings about the sale, I knew that this day would come eventually. The house has been in my family for 50 years. My brother and I grew up there. And it's hard to part company. There is such finality in it for me, it's the last thing that closes the final chapter in my family's history. On Saturday after the phone call from the agent telling me we had a deal and the buyer accepted my counter, I broke down. It's so final. The house was the last possession of my Dad's and now I am turning it over to a stranger and the circle begins again. I know this sounds weird, but now my Dad's death is really REAL. My parents have passed on and all that's left are a few pieces of furniture and pictures of 2 souls that spent time here for 72 and 86 years. And yes, Ihave the memories of 2 people that sacrificed and worked hard to provide for my brother and me, who loved us unconditionally and with such a ferocity.

Sorry to be melodramatic but unless you've experienced this very thing, you may not understand.

On a happier note, my kitchen counters are coming on Thursday. The contractor and I have come to an agreement about the stairs leading to the kitchen from the new room. Tile work will commence as soon as I give the go ahead for the pattern.

Oh and Mike, can't forget this...he was inducted into the Arnold Airforce Society on Sunday. It's an honors society. I am so proud of's a picture...don't you just love that haircut? It's so attractive...


Myrna said...

I understand about the house... {{{Hugs}}}

'love' the haircut on Mike... is there any hair left there?

And your Sampler turned out great!! You did a great job stitching!

Hugs and stitches...

KarenV said...


Your son looks very handsome in his uniform and with his smart haircut!

Cathy said...

Joanie - I can't imagine what it's like, but I know that I will be faced with these same feeling one day when my mom passes away. It will be a difficult time for sure. Hang in there and know that I will be thinking about you!

Congratulations to your son...

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

(((((Joanie))))) I know what you mean about the house. I have one of those, too. It gets easier, but it takes time, as I'm sure you know.

Your kitchen work sounds exciting. I hope it all goes smoothly for you.