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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Still foggin' up the mirror!

Well, I am still here and I apologize for not keeping my blog up to date. I know that you have left comments about me not to worry about it but I feel like I am ignoring all of you...

Mike has been home for over a week now and it's been a wonderful time. The house is alive again and I am loving every minute we spend together with him and all his buddies. I have done my MoM-thing with them all, feed them, watered them and generally *mothered* them to death, much to their delight. Lasagna, cookies, breakfast out, cinnamon rolls, junk food and's been a party for these guys! It's pretty cool!

So my stitching is suffering a bit. But that's a good thing in a way cause next week when the house is quiet (DH is going to Raliegh NC for the week) I plan on spending a lot of time cozying up with my stitching.

I must tell Patti that I bought *Edges of Sadness* based on her review on her blog. It's quite interesting and I am enjoying the book a great deal. I grew up as a Catholic and remember the days of Vatican II and I relate to the *neighborhood priest*. I am not very far into the book yet but I plan to change that too in the coming week.

Construction is coming along nicely. The room is now wrapped in dry wall the subfloor is down and the construction guy is beginning to lay the cement board in preparation to lay the ceramic tile. I believe he should begin the tile work next week. We are hoping that the windows come in so they can remove the tyvek that they put over the window openings.

I have blog surfed too and I must tell all of you that your blogs are inspiring. I spend a lot of time just working through about 20 blogs and honestly, I want to stitch all the projects that you have started or finished. I love Karen's DT piece and Becky's blog always is an inspiration. Patti has given me the courage to go *over one* and I just LOVE stitching something and having it come out teeny-tiny. Danielle's Prairie Year has given me incentive to continue with mine, like her I marvel at the amount of red in the hearts for February (when will it end!). There have been a lot of blogs that have given me something to think about too, the weekly questions give me pause for thought.

So, once Mike goes back to school and life returns to what it's been for the last 6 months, I am hoping to be more faithful to blogging and sharing my work.


Cathy said...

Hey Joanie - enjoy the week and don't worry, the stitching will still be there when Mike goes back to school!

Sounds like your remodeling project is coming along nicely! I bet you can't wait until it is finished!

Myrna said...

I have to agree with Cathy here... enjoy Mike and his friends! The stitching is always there to return to, as is a good book to read.


KarenV said...

Definitely enjoy the time with Mike and his friends whilst they're home. It sounds like you're enjoying their company a lot!

Hope you manage to settle down with your stitching next week - I know you miss it.

Good luck with the rest of the remodelling :)