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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Did you see these?!!!

On Carriagehouse Samplings website under NEWS, there are pictures of Kathy's new designs. I really like them, especially the punchneedle designs. I'm not going to post all the pics, you can go out to the website and see all of them!

I have a punchneedle, never used it. I wonder how hard it is to thread? I really like the angel ornaments. I understand that the process is a no brainer and I really, really like the results. Reminds me of miniature hooked rugs.
Anyone out there try this? I hope Carriagehouse Samplings is at CATS. I want to buy a few of these patterns. Speaking of CATS, who is going? I'm making my list of purchases, it's not pretty. (OK Red, sh-h-hh-h!)

On the stitching front, since it's been hot, hot, hot, no not alot of progress with my needle. I have to be the most boring blogger on the earth. Stitching time is somewhat limited right now. This Fall, it should get better, as the hubby is going back to school and will be gone most evenings. So after the date with the treadmill, and taking care of the horses, I should be cozying up with my needlework.

Anyway, duty calls, so it's off to do some housework before it gets too hot. See ya!


Leah said...

Punchneedle is starting to grow on me too. I really like the CHS ones!

Red said...

Punchneedle is a great break from the Cross Stitch for me. It is very simple and many LNS are jumping on the bandwagon with classes because of it's popularity.
Maybe one in your area will have one.

Bine said...

I like the new CHS designs very much. Thanks for calling the attention on their news!!! I didn't give the punchneedle a try up to now. To be honestly, it is not very common in germany ;-)