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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

For your viewing pleasure

Hey there, thought I'd pop in and show you what I've been up to since the last time I posted pictures. See, this is the proof that, yes, I've been stitching! Not a lot but just a bit to ward off a brewing slump. Today, I took drastic measures to prevent this slump and I walked down to the LNS (it's dangerouly close to work, like a 1/2 block away..yikes!) because I thought that seeing stitching and breathing in all that stitching would scare my slump away. And besides, it was a gorgeous day, perfect for a walk, nevermind I took a side trip to the LNS. Ahem. I came away with stash that was in my folder, The Drawn Thread's, ABC, Little House Needlework's, Nature's Beauty, Week's Dye Work thread for Blackbird Designs, Their Song and a cut of 36 ct.Belfast Linen in Sand to stitch it on. Stitching slump slayed!!!

And, my stitching budget is spent.

Now, on to the pictures:

This is the progress I've made on my Quaker Boxtop. (What do you think, Nancy?) I am very pleased on how it's stitching up, I really want to work on some interior motifs cause I am curious on how they are going to fit. But I told myself that I would stitch the border first and the 1/2 motifs along the sides before I stitched anything in the center area. As it stands now, I may rip out the center motif, I think it's a bit too small. What do you think?

Here's my progress on Carriagehouse Samplings, My Hometown. I'm stitching this with Sue, Vonna and Chelle. We are the Rag-Tag SALer's!

And finally, this is the start of A Stitcher's Wallet. This pattern is from The Gift of Stitching e-magazine. I am stitching this with Patti and Sue and Debby.

I am sorry about the picture quality, my little point-and-shoot digital camera is showing it's age. I would love a digital SLR but that's out of the question now.

I've been reading the blogs about Celebrations! For those who attended, your experience sounded fantastic! Such fun you must have had renewing friendships, visiting, stitching and shopping! Next year, ladies, I want to join you!

So there you have it! I've got to get off the computer now, cause I am procrastinating big time. I have homework, I have to read the user's manual for some of the modules we are bringing on during our conversion. Ugh. I want to stitch.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Thanks for dropping by!


Red said...

Hi Joanie!
Everything looks great! It's a little early to tell on center motif on your Box-top piece.
MHT looks fabulous...I'll post a pic later of my progress on the Wallet. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have something to post on MHT.
Good for you for doing some needed retail therapy to offset your potential slump.

Vonna said...

OH MY!!! haven't you been industrious of late?! I love the quaker box's gorgeous! And your doing well on MHT...still not one stitch for me :( but I hope to get it out soon!
And I love the wallet...WOW! you've been busy!

Karoline said...

They're all looking gorgeous Joanie especially the Quaker Box top. You got some nice stash :)

Sylvie said...

Wow, great projects, I especially like the Quaker box top

Nancy K. said...


I love the Quaker! I think it all looks wonderful, and I know those motifs have a way of balancing themselves out once there is more stitching around them. Thank you so much for sharing. And seeing your MHT really has me wanting to pull mine out! I also have the stitcher's wallet I want to start from your inspiration. You are getting me in trouble LOL!

Take care, Nancy

Von said...

Don't you hate when certain parts of life take you away from the really important things - like blogging and stitching, lol! But you have worked stitching into the mix - great progress, Joanie!!

Patti said...

Joanie they all look fabulous! I'm looking forward to watching the Rag-Taggers progress on My Hometown as that's a piece I have been thinking about.... and don't you love working on the stitcher's wallet? I am so in love with this project!

Glory Bee said...

Hi Joanie~ I love all your stitching and your new purchses! I'm sorry you couldn't get to Celebrations this year. Plan on next year for sure. It's a blast.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great. As for the centre motif I agree with Red that it may be a little early to decide.