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Monday, May 21, 2007

A froggie came a courtin'.....

Here's my progress on A Stitcher's Wallet. I had much more stitched but unfortunately, the froggies came rip, rip, rip!!! After pulling out much of the dark brown motif, I restitched as much as I could but no where near what I had stitched previously.

I spent most of the weekend tending my flowerbed and taking care of one of my horses. Mighty Joe took a mis-step in the pasture and came home limping on 3 legs. He seemed to hurt his right hind leg, just around the fetlock. He favored it most of Sunday but today he's bearing weight on it but he still is a little short on it. It's hard to tell how hurt he really is, he is SUCH A BIG BABY!!! But that's what makes him such a lovable woobie!!!
I have to say that I didn't work on My Hometown like I planned, there was just not enough weekend to do everything I wanted and besides after the quarrel I had with the Stitching Wallet, I just worked on easy stuff and, of course, I surfed everyone's blog!
I hope that everyone had a great day today and a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping!


Karoline said...

Sorry to hear the froggies came calling :( Your stitchers pocket is looking lovely tho'

Vonna said...

So sorry about your baby getting hurt :( Hope he's doing better now.
Your stitcher's wallet is looking stunning! Sorry the frog made a visit to your home tho'...that dang frog!
I've not even started My Hometown yet...I've got too much going on too...but soon, very soon :)

Carol said...

Oh, I do love that wallet! I loved looking at Patti's at Celebration (wish you had been there, by the way!!) - sorry about the frogs, they are better off in your garden!!

Casa Pearl said...

Sorry you had to frog Joanie but your progress so far is lovely! Hope the woobie gets over his lameness quickly!

Anonymous said...

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