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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Today in Upstate NY it was a gorgeous Spring Day!! Sunny and breezy. A perfect day to just be outdoors. I spent a little time puttering with the horses, handgrazing them to get them ready to be out in the pasture. I did some heavy housecleaning too, I supercleaned the sunroom. We run a pellet stove and it's the dirtiest form of heat that I know. When you clean the stove (which is daily) a fine layer of black soot settles everywhere. So today, I mopped the floor and wiped down the window sills and the woodwork. I opened the windows to let the fresh breezes in and the stagnant winter air out. And I watched the Derby. I have not missed a Derby in 30 years. I know that I watched it as a girl, I wanted to be a jockey, heck, I wanted to be a horse when I was a little girl. I had an imaginary steed named Lightningbolt. I always knew that I would have a horse one day and today, I am blessed with 3 pasture ornaments.
On the stitching front, I worked on A Stitcher's Wallet, so yes, Sue, I started it. It's a fast stitch. I wasn't sure that I would like the Flower Thread, it's somewhat coarse, but on this fabric, it looks terrific! I don't have much done really, just a couple of the upper motifs on the first pattern.

I think that I am going to put away most of my Wips again, with the stress of work, seeing unfinished stitching is making me anxious. So, I plan on leaving out in plain sight the SAL pieces, My Hometown and the Stitcher's Wallet, the Quaker boxtop and Maria Short. Everything else is going back into the wicker trunk at least for a little while. By putting my unfinished stitching away, I won't be reminded of unfinished projects while I am pre-occupied with work. I am doing this cause I feel a stitching slump brewing. It's just cause I am so wigged out over this work project. It's consuming every waking moment of my life and it's on my mind 24/7. I will be happy when the conversion is over so I can relax just a little. De-cluttering and keeping my house somewhat tidy seems to help keep my anxiety level down. It's a control issue. I don't feel in control at work, so if I keep some control over my house, at least there is something that won't be competing for my attention. I need my house, particularly my family room and bedroom picked up because I need a place to unwind.

I've been reading the blogs that posted about Celebrations. Geez, I wish I were there! Patti, KiwiJo, Carol and Nancy are there and when I saw the pictures of them, all the memories from CATS last September came back. What a fun time that was! I don't know who will be going there in September. I certainly want to go and I hope some of my stitching buddies will join me there.

Well, I've spent enough time on the computer, I think I am going to get ready for bed. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!


Wendy said...

Uncluttering at home and putting away some WIP's is a good idea to help destress your life. At least there are some areas where you have a little control. Isn't it great to do some spring cleaning when the sun is shining and you can open up the windows!

Glory Bee said...

Hi Joanie,

Hope you get more time to stitch and de-stress soon. Love reading your blog and checking in. Keep in touch....Nancy