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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Can I get off the ride now, please???

I have to tell you that lately life has been a tad overwhelming. I haven't spent anytime with my needle until today. It felt good to stitch a good part of the day. I also got to weed the flower bed. The day was really gorgeous, in the 60's and sunny, for a change.

The Cadet came home this weekend. He and Dave were going to play paintball on Saturday. They left around 8 AM for the game. I had the day to myself but I spent it doing the lad's laundry, our laundry and some slick housekeeping. You know, slick it up with a promise to do it better next time.
The guys got home earlier than I anticipated so we headed out to do some shopping. We ended up at Men's Warehouse for a suit for the Cadet. He is going to a wedding in June and he needs interview clothes for next year when he looks for internships. The kid cleans up really good and he cleaned out my wallet too...I didn't care though, it's nice to be able to give him what he needs. Thanks for the tax return, Mr. IRS. We ended up with takeout from the ONLY chinese restuarant worthy of selling us Chinese food, 2 movies, Casino Royale and Flight of the Phoenix. I fell asleep at 9:00. What a party animal I am.

Today, brought Bagels and French Vanilla cappacinos. The Cadet left for Rochester at noon. And the house got quiet. David and I immediately started to miss him. We had a nice weekend, I didn't push his buttons about his grades and he didn't get snarky with me.

So we puttered in the yard, planted a lilac that is doomed to perish and I weeded the flower bed. We grilled burgers for the first time this year - YUM! And once we were done with supper, I got cozy with my Quaker boxtop sampler. I finished all the motifs that I started except for one now. I have 6 completed motifs now and I've marked out 2 more. I love how little sampler is coming out! I promise pictures.

Work has been insane and it will continue to get more insane over the next couple of months. We have 8 weeks to pull of the biggest miracle - ripping out a complete software package and replacing it with another. It'll get done by hook or by crook. And a lot of sweat and late nights.
I just know that we can not fail with this migration. Prayers would be appreciated, please!

The house is still where it's been for the last 18 months. Mr. Contractor is now promising May 15th. I don't think we are going to buy this last promise though, the lawyer is going to start proceedings.

And the last thing...the DH had a health scare, fortunately the tests came out ok. But it was 3 weeks of waiting and worrying, more on my end than the DH.

SO, now you know why I want to get off this ride!


Karoline said...

{{{{Joanie}}}} I hope things calm down for you and the software changes go smoothly

Wendy said...

I'm so happy your DH's medical tests came out fine! Very scary stuff!! Your new WIP's look great.

Anonymous said...

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Deborahinwi said...

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