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Friday, April 06, 2007

This is just St-oo-pid!!!

Well, I am going a bit nuts right now. I've been working on this Quaker sampler box top thingie off and on this week. Tonight, I had a bunch of time to stitch and I thought, cool! that's what I want to work on tonight. I can find the silk, I can find the Quaker patterns that I am using to stitch this sampler but I CAN NOT FIND the sampler. Now, I am skeerd that I THREW IT AWAY when I was once The paper was all over the floor yesterday so I picked it up and put it in the recycling. Oh gosh, what if I threw it away with the paper? No, I couldn't have done that, now could I??

So, I called up one of the second stringers, Moira Blackburn's, Time and Seasons.

It's a beautiful sampler that I began 2 years ago...yikes, and according to this spreadsheet that I keep I haven't stitched on it for 15 months!!! Oh my...but anyway, I put needle to fabric and I did a couple of acorns and a few of the leaves on left side. Not a lot of stitching but enough to satisfy me. When I began stitching this sampler, I changed the colorway to a more antique palette from Vicki Clayton silks. Kwilty Kim did her sampler with that colorway and it's so soft and vintage. Just the look I wanted.
I also received this sampler in the mail the other day. It's also from Moira Blackburn, a reproduction sampler called Maria Short. I first saw this sampler on Donna's blog, Cross Stitch Samplers and Such and I KNEW I had to have it. It came earlier this week from Criss Cross Row. I had to start it too, right away. I haven't put a lot of stitches into it, just a bit of the upper border and the upper left motif. It's done in DMC and I am stitching it on 36ct Antique White Edinburgh linen.
This is the description of the sampler that I pinched off Moira's website:

This sampler has been re-produced from one sewn by Maria Ann Short in 1829 at the age of 11 Years. It was worked on fine linen, over two threads in silk. A religious text was worked over one thread ‘Lord make me understand thy Law Show what my faults have been And from thy gospel let me draw Pardon for all my Sin’.
Two alternative verses are included with the Chart and an Alphabet if you wish to include your own choice.
‘She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands’Proverbs 31.13

I am going to stitch the Proverbs verse, I didn't get a choice of verses with the sampler. Hmm-mm. I thought about stitching it tonight but the linen really needs to be zigzagged or hemmed before I get going on it. Fraying linen drives me nuts. All those loose linen threads...grr-rrr.
Now, I am just waiting for my fabric for the Stitcher's Wallet, a lovely pattern from The Gift of Stitching.
Earlier this evening, I tried to fix the broken links in this post and I inadvertantly deleted the bottom of this post. I posted about going to see the Cadet and how I was so anxious to see him.
We went yesterday, it was a great day (but expensive, he needed many things from the grocery store). We took him out for dinner and hit the grocery store, Borders, Best Buy and Wegmans. It was a fast afternoon. I miss him an awful lot!


Jeanne W. said...

Hi Joanie,

I love that Time and Seasons sampler and have been drooling over it for a while! I look forward to seeing your progress.

Enjoy visiting the Cadet!

- Jeanne
(an RIT electrical engineering graduate!)

Vonna said...

Ahhh...such lovely samplers! I hope you find your misplaced item awful is that?! and I've done it a million and one times myself :)
Have a Happy Easter Joanie!

Carol said...

Oh my gosh! I sure hope you find it - that is a bit scary! Your Time and Season is stunning - I have always admired that one (and any of Moira's really) - I just realized I did not send out BQ yet! I promise this week!

Von said...

Misplacing the chart is just the kind of thing I do all too frequently! Hope it shows up soon. :)

Have a happy Easter and a great visit with the Cadet.