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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Picture Pretty

Hi All,

As promised, here are the pictures of my weekend work. First up is BOAF's Peace Sampler. I really like this sampler but I am finding it a hard stitch. Don't know if I like the fabric, it's BOAF Sandpiper. It's really a drab, dirty grey. I also am not happy with the color of the letter *P*, it's a brick color. But, if I decide to hang all my *house* samplers together, it will look great with my Hillside Samplings House of Needlework sampler. Not so good with John Foster though.

BOAF Peace Sampler
32ct BOAF Sanpiper Linen
Gentle Arts Sampler Thread
Stitched over 2 thread

Next is Blackbird Designs, March Hare. It's from one of their books, A Fine Collection. It's stitched on 32ct Lambswool Lugana, over one thread. I like it very much. I only can work on it during the day because my eyes cross if I stitch on it during the evenings.

March Hare
Blackbird Designs
32ct Lambswool Lugana
Gentle Arts Sampler Thread
Stitched over one thread

Lastly, this my misplaced Quaker box top sampler. THIS is the sampler that I thought I threw away. Some of you who commented thought I threw away the pattern. No, I thought I threw away the SAMPLER. For a few days, I searched high and low, I went through the garbage and even the recycling. I was very much afraid that the DH had taken it to the landfill. I was heart sick cause I have spent MANY hours stitching this piece. When it is finished, I will mount it on a wooden tea box that I bought from AC Moore.

Quaker Sampler Boxtop
Various Ackworth Quaker Sampler Motifs
32ct Lambswool Lugana
Gloriana Overdyed Silk - Autumn Foliage
Stitched over one thread

Last night, I didn't stitch at all. Tonight, I have to do some work. I am not sure how much stitching I will get to do before the weekend, the job is going to be on the front burner. And next week, work will be insane.

Well, let me know what you think of my weekend accomplishments!


Barbara said...

Oops sorry, I misunderstood you :)

Lovely WIPS you have right now. Stitching over one on 32ct? I salute you! :)

Margie said...

I love all three! I can't wait to see your tea box finished. That will look so cool!

Vonna said...

I think your Weekend projects are stupendous!!! :)
I love that cute!

Carol said...

Awesome WIPS!!! They are great choices :-)

Von said...

You've achieved a very admirable amount of stitching for one weekend!! Great job. :D

Karoline said...

They all look lovely Joanie, congratulations

Ulla said...

Hi Joanie!

This is Ulla, your Stitching bloggers birthday club partner. I was just wondering about second part of my birthday present... I am still waiting for it.


Patti said...

A very nice weekend's work! Hope you got some time to stitch this past weekend!