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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

The DH and I had a quiet day today. We went to church, in the snow(!) and it was very cold! We spent the day with the Sunday paper, napped on the sofa and I stitched for a good while.

I worked on a few things over the weekend. I took BOAF's Peace sampler for the car ride when we went to see the Cadet but unfortunately, I had a hard time stitching in the car. I had a hard time stitching even with my *cheaters*. I just couldn't see the holes in the linen. But after I got home, I stitched until bed and I got a bit accomplished. And today, I stitched on March Hare. I have the bunny almost completed now. It was very nice to stitch.

Oh, I found my wayward sampler. Somehow, it ended up under the sofa. I am not sure that Chrissy the wonder dog didn't *bury* it. I didn't see any doggie slobber on it and it's not any worse for wear but I am not sure how it ended up where I found it.

I wanted to take some photos but the day was so grey and it snowed a good portion of the afternoon and evening. We have a dusting on the ground. For goodness sake, it's APRIL already! Enough of the snow. My daffodils are shivering! I guess you'll have to wait for a few pictures until we get better weather. In the meantime, I hope that everyone had a nice weekend filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs!


Chelle said...

I'm glad your sampler turned up!

Barbara said...

Happy Easter Joannie!

I'm glad you found your sampler, I'd cry buckets if anything was missing from my stitching corner. Why don't you quickly make a copy of it and work with your copy. As for the original keep it safely with your other books.

Karoline said...

Glad you found your sampler Joanie

Von said...

Yay! The lost is found! :)

I've been reading about that awful white stuff you have been dealing with. Guess I shouldn't complain about the windy day we had today!