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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free, free, I've been set free!

Free for a glorious 2 weeks! What ever will I do with my time? LOL!!! Just about everything that I've put off since my last vacation! I have a list...cookies, laundry, mopping, cleaning out closets and of course, stitching!!!! STITCHING!!!!! Go figure, guilt free stitching!

Last night, I worked on Moira Blackburn's, Time and Seasons. I don't know why I set the project aside as it's coming along beautifully. I am only a little bit started, I have most of the upper alphabet stitched and a little of the left side border. I am using Vicki Clayton silks in a very muted antique colorway. If I can get the camera to cooperate and if the grey lightens up outside, maybe I'll treat you to a picture. I hope so anyway.

Today, I plan on finishing up laundry and cleaning the bathrooms,walk on my treadmill and straighten up. Finish my christmas cards and get an errand list together for tomorrow when I go out. I need to finish up some shopping and I am going to a department Christmas/good-bye luncheon. The Quality manager is leaving to go to a bigger opportunity and the department is getting together. I will miss Rich. He's not only a good manager but he's been a mentor and a great friend to me. I really am sad to see him leave. Sigh...

Well, the DH has decided to stay home and work from home today. Puts a small crimp in my over all plans but it will be nice to have the company. I have to get busy I hope everyone is having a great day!


Vonna said...

Well good times on your vacation ahead! I'm in for some cleaning and cooking today myself! Good LUCK!!!

Karoline said...

Enjoy your holiday Joanie :)