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Saturday, December 22, 2007

WIP-Loss Challenge

I've updated this post...changes are in bold, blue italic text.

Well, I've learned that if you write your goals down, you are more likely to keep them. So, I've decided to reduce my WIPs in 2008, resist new starts and resist impulse purchases. I am embarassed to say that I have 35 projects in various stages of completion, from a few stitches to almost done. Most of them are 25-50% complete. They are from various designers and run the gamut from whimsical seasonal pieces to samplers, small pieces to BAP's like Sarah Tatum. And I still love all of them so they aren't UFO's. Also, this isn't the 5-10-50 Challenge, I found that entirely too restrictive for me. This challenge has some wiggle room. I am not going to list all 35 to finish, I am only listing those that I absolutely want to finish first (and that number is about 10 or so). The other 25 will be rotated in when I finish the 10 or so, I will start the the second string and so on. Ten is the number I'm going for before allowing myself to start a project not in the exceptions.

I'll post the list of projects later, they are on my work computer...(Sh-hhh-hh, don't tell.)

Jeanne from Just String is also reducing her Wips...

Here are my rules (which I pinched from Jeanne cause her's made sense to me):

  • Have fun!
  • The "to be finished" list can be changed over the course of the challenge, depending on which projects are calling to me over time.
  • The term finished means the completion of stitching. It does not mean the completed item must be framed or otherwise made into a useful item.
  • While selling, giving away, or trashing unwanted UFOs may reduce the total pile, they don't count toward the total finished.
  • Exceptions are allowed, if declared up-front. My exception is to stitch Christmas ornaments throughout the year, participate in a couple exchanges in the Fall and the only new start that I really want to stitch is Mary Garry's, Remember Me, sampler. These pieces don't count for starting or finishing.
  • Gift stitching for a special occasion doesn't count. I don't often stitch for others but you never know what may possess me to give away (and I may be starting a wedding sampler for the Cadet and the lovely Jenna next year).

So them's the rules. Keep me honest, kids. And may God and his angels help me come February when the new releases arrive....


Jeanne said...

Hooray! I'm so glad to have company!

By the way, is 10 the number you're going for before allowing yourself to start a project not in the exceptions? That wasn't clear from your post.

Good luck, and I'll be here to cheer you on!

Karoline said...

Good luck Joanie

Von said...

Sounds like a plan, Joanie! You go for it! :D

And sending you warm Christmas greetings!