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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tic-tock, Tic-tock, Where DOES the time go?

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks since I last made an entry! Did ya miss me? LOL!!!

Well, I HAVE been stitching, it's just I can't show you anything just yet. Sh-hh-hhhh, it's SECRET know, Santa stuff. I will tell you that they are the cutest little things and I created a wicked cool way to finish one thing by combining my love of stitching and painting. Once they get to where they are going, then I'll post pictures (that's IF the camera will cooperate).

So what's going on in my life, you ask? The usual crazy stuff.

Thanksgiving was great, just the David and the Cadet were at the table. We did nothing but eat and share each other's company. I stitched a little, started on the JCS sampler, True Virtue, and worked a bit on my Frosty Friend's exchange. The Cadet's best buddy, Charlie, came by on Friday, it was great to see him and he is doing so well studying opera at Catholic University.

Work is sorta busy but will be slowing down (and I only have 12 days left to work!).

The house stuff...well, Mr. Contractor has left the building, packed up his tent and has vanished. His storefront is empty and I know that his house is in foreclosure. Our guess is that he skipped town or better yet, the country because he has family in Hungary. So, it's basically over and we are left with the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Will someone tell me how it is possible that someone can steal over 60K and there is nothing that can be done? I know that if I walked out of WalMart with candy bar and got caught, I would go to tell does this work?!!

The Cadet and the lovely Jenna have hit a rough patch too...just suffice it to say that I think it's the distance thing and the Air Force thing and the end of the semester stress. The Cadet thinks that ALL women are a bit touched in the, darlin', some of us just play head games! Welcome to love.... Hopefully, all will work out but there are things that will have to be resolved before any permanent relationship evolves. He's willing to give it a go, we will have to wait and see if she's willing to go the distance too.

Anyway, I've been reading everyone's blog and keeping up with you all. I wish you all a great week and a lot of stitching time in between all the holiday preparations. So, I'll talk with you again soon!


Vonna said...

I am so sorry for your Contractor's skipping town...I don't know how things like this happen, but I sure do hope that you can get your home resolved soon....
Sorry to hear about the love affair turned sour...if its meant to be it will be :) Its probably all the things you mentioned and age too...I think I was a bit petty when I was younger!
Can't wait to see all your creations and surprises! Hang in there!

Sweet Pea said...

Sadly, it happens more often than you might think. One of my DH's favorite shows is the Canadian based Holmes on Homes. Contractor Mike Holmes comes in and helps homeowners who have been taken for a ride by malicious or inept contractors. Too bad he only works in the Toronto area!

Alexounette78 said...

Just a little hello for you, always a pleasure to read you( and like that I can improve my english lol)!!

Von said...

It's a busy time of year, that's for sure! It actually gets a little more than busy, doesn't it?!

I hope over time you will be able to recover from this huge financial and emotional fiasco. Hugs and prayers Joanie!