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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Wip Loss Challenge and Ebay

Hello again!
I've gone through my WIPs and these are the one's that I want to complete in 2008. This isn't the complete list either, just the one's I really want to work on and complete in this lifetime. Most are big and there's only 2 or 3 that are small. Most of them are 25-50% completed. I love them all, they just got sidelined because I gave into the temptation of starting yet any other sampler. Did I tell you I have no willpower? LOL!!!

Here's the list:

M. Pollard - Scarlet Letter
A Quaker sampler that got stuffed in the WIP pile because I just get bored stitching in black.

Their Song - Blackbird Designs
Frustrated with it cause I made an error and I had to find it which resulted in ripping out a lot of stitching. But I'm over it. Promise.

March Hare - Blackbird Designs
I began this over one on 32 ct Lambswool evenweave. I didn't have all the colors so I started substituting them with DMC and GAST. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a list of the substitutions and I (silly me) re-filed all my threads. May be the kiss of death for this cute design unless I can figure out what I was stitching with when I started it.

Peace - BOAF
This is a quirky house sampler and I have to be in the mood to work on it because the colors are very different than what I am used to stitching with and the fabric is a dirty grey color. I like it though but I just need to be in the mood.

Time and Seasons - Moira Blackburn
This sampler has risen up to the top of the WIP pile this Christmas. I've stitched a lot on it (although it doesn't look like I have). I think that I stopped stitching on it cause I am not sure about the silks. They are Vicky Clayton and I can't decide if I like them or not. The colors are great, I just don't like the feel of the silk.

Pins and Needles - Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin
This little pinkeep is from an issue of JCS that I paid an exorbitant amount of money for on EBay. (I was insane at the time.) I like it a lot and when I finish it I plan on making it into a mattress style pin cushion. Wish me luck, I have a finishing phobia.

Maria Short - Moira Blackburn
I started this sampler because I needed to fill a void when I completed my beloved John Foster. I saw the sampler on Cross Stitch Samplers and Such blog and it really was love at first sight. The sampler took my breath away. So I ordered it immediately from Criss Cross Row, promptly started it and then got bored. Am I fickle or what?!!

Autumn Leaves - The Prairie Schooler
I started this cute sampler over one on 32ct Lambswool evenweave with Patti from Stitching In Lobster Land and Cathy from It Will Be Funny Tomorrow. I think Cathy finished hers and I bet Patti did too. Mine is 50% done and I seem to pick it up to work on in late August. I love the sampler and I will finish it. It seems to be a fall project.

Sarah Tatum - The Scarlet Letter
Another BIG Quaker sampler that I am stitching with Vicki Clayton silks. I am about 20% complete on this one. It got pushed aside because I really wanted to stitch it with AVAS but could not afford the silks at the time (and not today either!). I was dis-satified with it because the sampler wouldn't be true to the original colors. Finally, I told myself to GET OVER IT and yesterday, I stitched about an hour on it before putting it away. I am having trouble with the silks, they feel very slippery in my needle and I am constantly rethreading the needle cause the silk slips out of it frequently. It's frustrating!

True Virtue - JCS magazine
I fell in love with this sampler after seeing it on Sampler Lover's blog. I decided I wanted to stitch samplers with a house theme and this sampler just made my heart beat faster. I stitched the upper border then put it aside because it needs a bath. Chrissy the Wonderdog sneezed on it and she left a small spot (doggie booger, eww-www!) on it. Just need to get it in the Orvis and I'll be back in business.

Wow, there's not many small things on that list, is there?!!!!

So the next news is that I listed Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin's sampler, Remember Me, on Ebay this morning.

I need the money and even though I do not want to part with it or any of my samplers, I felt that I have to do it. (What are you waiting for, GO BID!!!!) We are up to our eyeballs in legal fees ($1600 worth) because of that weasel, Mr. Contractor, so some of my stash is got to go or I'm going to have to get a second job on the weekends to cover the costs of this fiasco. I'm testing the water on EBay with this sampler and if it sells, then other OOP goodies will be on the online auction site. I'll let you know.

Also, I am toying with listing some handmade goodies on ETSY. Do any of you have thoughts about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts....thanks!


Casa Pearl said...

Hello dear friend. I know you will probably hiss when you see it's me since I've been so bad keeping in touch. I will be emailing you soon with some details.

I like your WIP list and I haven't finished my Autumn Winds - maybe I will start it on the fabric I bought with you.... Hugs to you and David.

Terri said...

Good luck with your goals. Your beloved John Foster is at the top of my "start it" list for this year. Thank you again for sharing him with me.