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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Second Sunday Post - Hungarian Sampler

As you know, I came across this sampler on the Hungarian Sampler SAL blog a few months ago and it's been on my mind ever since I stumbled across it. I am of Hungarian descent and to be honest, my Dad was a very proud Hungarian. So when I came across the SAL, I knew that I had to stitch it.

This is Ili's finished work. It is so beautiful!

I bugged her and other members of the blog to recommend colors that would represent the colors of the Hungarian flag because I wanted to stitch the sampler in those colors. Ili sent me DMC equivalents and on Friday I purchased my materials to begin the sampler. I know that I said NO NEW STARTS this year and I've broken my promise 4 times so far ( I have such willpower...ha ha) but I could not get this sampler off my mind. I was dreaming of it!

To justify this new start, I decided to stitch it as a memorial to my Grandparents who were from Hungary. I believe they came from a region near the Russian border called Sonkad before they immigrated to the USA. My Aunt Roasza returned to Hungary when she was 13 and lived in Sonkad until she married and moved to Budapest. She lived there with her husband and daughter until they fled the country in 1956 during the Hungarian uprising with Russia.

So today, I began the sampler, I know it's not much of a start but I wanted to share with you what I stitched since I started it. I chose not to stitch it on the Antique White linen I purchased Friday because it did remind me of a Christmas sampler. Instead, I chose to stitch it on a piece of cream belfast linen. I am using AVAS silks - 943 red and 226 green and blanc. I know in the picture, the linen looks grey. I will be personalizing it with my Grandparents names as well as a dedication to them in Hungarian.

I hope to continue working on the sampler today, probably this evening because I will be making an early dinner for the Cadet and some cookies for him to take back with him.

So, off to the kitchen. Talk with you later.


Karoline said...

Nice start Joanie and your other wips are looking lovely

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie, me again. Just wanted to say that I love your choice of chart and colors that you have picked for your Grandparents sampler. I sometimes think why have somebody on my wall that I don't know. That's how I started my small tribute to all the Grandmothers.
I have been collecting these charts as well. Don't have any Hungarian ancestors, but have been collecting charts from all over the world which I think is interesting. Have you seen the Sissi Sampler (if you click onto the first blog link on my blog and scroll down a bit you will see 2 parts and where you can download it). It look like it's going to be lovely.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one. - Sandra.

Casa Pearl said...

Your start is wonderful - this is such a neat idea.

By the way, I nominated you for an award so please stop by my blog.

morcs said...

Hi, Joanie,
your colors are very nice!
Excuse me, my blog is not really a blog yet. I try there how to use some blog elements. I didn't see your comment ...