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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, I did it again

Whatever I did to change my backround, I ended up exactly with the same thing that I did when i tried the last time. I am frustrated and I don't have the time to mess with it cause I have to get Olivia to the vet for her surgery appointment and I have to go to work.

Say a prayer for my little girl, she's going to be spayed today. She's a tiny thing and I hope she does ok.

On an unrelated note, please say a prayer for the Cadet. He wrecked his truck yesterday coming home from work. He fell asleep. Not a ton of damage and he wasn't injured. Thank God. All he has is wounded pride and he's just sick about the damage to the truck.

I haven't stitched a lot this week, I didn't work on Bea (can you believe it!) but I frogged the roof off the house on Where My Heart Blooms and I worked on I Will Stitch You in My Heart. For some reason that little pillow is taking a LOT of time to stitch up. I am on the home stretch now and I've made a few modifications. You'll just have to wait and see.

Well, gotta run. Sorry about the boring backround on the blog and that lovely photobucket image that's running up and down behind the scenes.



Miss 376 said...

Hope the visit to the vet goes well and you don't have any more family dramas. Sounds as if you have had enough

Von said...

Ouch! The Cadet learned a tremendously huge lesson. May he always keep it in mind when he begins to feel sleepy behind the wheel.

Siobhan said...

I'm sorry to hear about The Cadet's accident, but thankful that it's just his pride and the truck that were wounded. Good luck with the visit to the vet. Can't wait to see your WIPs!

And hey, your background looks great!

Lee said...

Since this just happened to my son in December...I feel your pain and your relief! Some lessons are difficult ones.

How are you doing at WW? I went to my Monday meeting, and had lost 6/10 of a pound in two weeks. I wasn't too thrilled, but it was better than gaining 6/10 of a pound!